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    '08 Stereo Issue

    Sorry your SOL.. there are 4 bolts that hold the radio to the dash. however the bezel comes out fairy easy. look at page 7 on this pdf
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    Adding a 3rd row seat - walkthrough

    Nice write up! just keep in mind that if for some reason you get in an accident and people were in that seat, or if that seat injurs someone the insurance may not cover it since it was not from the factory
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    stereo wiring

    in order to get the swc to work you need an swc adapter. you cant just wire directly to the kenwood from the swc wires.
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    Aftermarket head unit work with rear entertainment?

    there isnt anything available for your year. in that gen you had to burry the factory radio
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    Mounting after market GPS antenna

    you may not get the best signal that way. they say it should be placed on that little "metal" pad it comes with. i usually stick that to the dash and let the antenna stick to that.
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    Mystery wire

    Is the wire itself orange? is the wire that its connected to on the back of the radio orange also? If it connects to a blue (some are blue/white) then its going to the amp lead. Most people would not run a new dimmer wire since there should be one in the harness.
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    stock sirius unit question

    I may be wrong, but the last time i tried the stock antenna plug and the aftermarket ones are completely different.
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    How to improve driving lights, suggestion for additional road lights needed.

    Do you have the stock fog lights? If so the reason i ask is i believe that there are laws as to how many sets of lights can be running at one time while driving on a road. And i believe that is 4 total bulbs. And if the high-beams are on they are supposed to shut off. that being said on...
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    Viper 5704 alarm!

    What kind of extra sensors did they install? if they talked you into a prox sensor just wait. when i installed i would talk customers out of them (even though they were a money maker at the stores). I would refer to them as an "ant" detector. they would go off for no reason. Also keep in...
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    Viper 5704 alarm!

    Do your rear doors turn on the dome light when they are opened? if not thats probable. Fords are known for the sensor that part of the latch assembly in the door to go bad. $800 seems WAY over priced. Best buy even sells it for 600 installed.
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    It's Been Real, It's Been Fun, But I Gotta Roll

    Good choice.. i have a 2011 durango. i dumped my POS ex almost 4 years ago. My 06 was by far the WORSE vehicle i ever owned! I did more warranty work on that POS than all my other vehicles combined (which is about 8 or 9). The ride for me its close to the same. The biggest thing i miss...
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    Aftermarket head unit work with rear entertainment?

    you need something like this
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    airbag light stays on sometimes

    Where do you live? im in minnesota and i used to have that problem when it got REALLY cold here.
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    Windshield tint and dots!!

    its illegal unless you have a dr prescription. anything that goes below that mark on the upper left (sometimes right) is against the law. i think in some states they even may give special medical plates for the vehicle so you are not stopped all the time. in MN they just made it illegal for...
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    Windshield tint and dots!!

    tint and dot matrix do not play well together. the problem is the dots are raised off the window so it actually creates little air pockets around each one. i have seen people scrape them off before tine, or they would paing them black and just tint below it. however depending on how far they go...
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    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    I have an autopage rs-915. however any one can do it that has expandable channels. its just a different combo of buttons you press on the remote. you just have to get creative with what you want. and find an installer that is willing to take the time and test for all these other circuits
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    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    however you will never get the range and the ability to do other functions that you can with a "factory" unit. you may be happy with the range, but i wouldnt be. Hell i can start mine without even getting up from my desk at work. i can also control mine via an app on a smartphone. the one i...
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    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    Technically its not just taped to the column.. its actually hidden in a "coffin" box as they are called in the industry then that is hidden under the dash so its not found. Most shops will give you the choice as to how they will install in the vehicle lose a key or not.. if not then it will...
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    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    do you mean this is a good way or bad?? i know that alot of "stereo" people dis-like bb and theink they have "shady" installers. every shop has their fair share of "good and bad" installers. i have worked in both the big box stores and the ma-pa shops. and both had their ups and downs with...
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    2004 Aux input and other questoins.

    No trimming is necessary if its a 4 dr now if his ex is a 2dr sport then yes you do need to trim a little the only other ford radio you can fit in is a 2005 explorer. they changed in 06. your best bet would be to do a double din. just get the double din dash kit and put it right in...
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    Though Ford Fixed Radiator Issue!!

    Can you pin point the location of the leak? On the 06 models (v6 only) all the leakings were from the same place (srry dont remember off hand search the long post about it i believe there are pics in it)
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    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    ^^^ what he said. The problem with installing an aftermarket unit in an this gen ex is if its not installed correctly it will cause a slight drain on the battery (there is actually a tsb for this). after a few days of your vehicle sitting ilde you will have a dead battery. a remote start...
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    Truck won't start, 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy - 2006 Explorer 4.6

    When you crank it does the theft light on the top of the dash flash or go solid? If flashing you could have a problem with your PATS system also
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    Factory stereo, 6CD + DVD wattage?

    Any speakers will do. They will just be underpowered. 5x7 (or 6x8) is the size. the deck is really only truely putting about 6-9 watts of rms power. Even aftermarket decks only put out about 15 rms watts