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    REALLY bad gas mileage

    Alright guy...after all this talk about the Regulator.....and the symptoms ive had with my explorer..Ive decided to replace mine too. but one question....where is the Regulator located and is it that hard to replace. please let me know Thanks Ryan
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    Fuel pressure regulator?

    Matt I belive im having the same problem with my 94XLT...This just started happening a week or so ago...used to when I turnd the key It fired right after it sits for a while.....the damn thing cranks for 2-5 seconds before it starts .. sometimes it wont catch and it will kill on...
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    Anybody know what gears are in the 94 XLT 4door 4.0 auto tranny. Ive seen many different suggestions on what other people might have...and I have no clue yet about fords gearing. Thanks Ryan
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    Sh*@ty Gas Mileage

    Thanks for all the info guys......the only bad thing is that I had both O2 sensors replaced this passed summer....Ive never messed with the maf.....I will try you think that the 02 sensors could already be bad.....they should have about 20,000 miles on them already
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    O2 sensor

    QTRMILE, I have a 94 explorer auto trany 4.0 What Exactally is EECV and EECIV
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    O2 sensor

    Where do you guys get these scanners and are they very expensive also do they have a book that tells you what the codes mean
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    Sh*@ty Gas Mileage

    Hey guys thanks for the info.....I checked my plugs yesterday and they are fine.(man those things are hard to get at) they are all fine and as for the Thermostat it was repalced by the dealer.....short warenty.. Ill check the MAF tonight and let ya know
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    Sh*@ty Gas Mileage

    I have stock 94 explorer XLT 4.0 auto tranny and lately ive only been getting about 250 to 270 miles per tank......Ive gotten ive gotten almost 100 more than that if im remembering correctly. Anybody know what might be causing this Also sometime when I start it. It acts like its only running...
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    Michelin LTX M/S Good in the snow?

    What do you guys think of Running 30x9.50 mickey thompson Baha Belted on an explorer I heard they are good in snow and I think they look good ........and I live in MN so I need something good for this damn snow
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    Whats the largest size tire I can Run on my stock 94 explorer

    Mando, My 4Runner has Solid rear axel and IFS
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    James Duff 2.5 inch lift?? any good?

    If I were to put a 2.5 inch james duff lift on my stock 94 explorer....what is the largest size tire I can run and widest to...maybe a 31x13.50?? Also is James duff a good lift?? How is the ride quality. I would llke to buy a lift to run 31's on my explorer buy not comfort driving on the...
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    Will larger tires burn out my ABS???

    Thanks for the info...what size lift do you have to run 36's
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    Found Superchip for $170

    velcrofly your super chip how does it compare to a jet chip and all the other chips I new into this chip thing and I would really like to purchase one ...... tell me what all it should do for my 94 explorer v6 4.0 auto tranny Thanks
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    Poor gas mileage.

    Hey S.Matsushige how do you reset you computer and what does that do to the engine??
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    who runs the swamper boggers?

    What is this Los Coyotes I keeps seeing in your posts
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    Bigger tires affect ABS....

    Thanks velcrofly......the mechanic that i was talking to wasn't the sharpest Knife in the drawer. He was totally set the If I oversized my tires even by one ABS would go out and would screw up all the braking system But this is comming from a guy that named his pet gold fish...
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    Will larger tires burn out my ABS???

    I was at the tire store yesterday and I was looking at 31's the guy asked if I had ABS I said yes and he said that you CAN'T put over sized tire on vehicles with ABS because it would burn out the ABS....Ive never heard anything like that this true?? and is it really worth buying...
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    Whats the largest size tire I can Run on my stock 94 explorer

    Thanks for the info do I find out what gear ratio I have in that Explorer As for my 4Runner is an 88 with 8inches of lift 35 inch tires, stock 4 banger that i just rebuilt and I run 5:29 gears in the stock toyota axels
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    Whats the largest size tire I can Run on my stock 94 explorer

    I have a 94 explorer it has stock rims and tires on it. I was wondering what is the largest size I can run with out lifting and loosing to much power. Is a V-6 4.0 Auto tranny This is my first experince with a Ford suv I have a 4Runner thats real sharp with 8 inchs of lift and 35's and all the...