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    94 explorer wont start

    We recently had to replace the fp on our 94. Well, had a garage do it. They charged about $600! The old one was still running, the mount broke and it fell into the tank! They said that was the first time they saw that. Good Luck
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    A4LD transmission trouble.

    Thank You BrooklynBay :salute:
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    Service/Repair Manual

    Our 94 XLT has been in the family over 10 yrs. We use about 6. Just spent $1700 on a tranny rebuild and figure that commits me to keeping it for a while. So I need to be able to access detailed service info. I spend hours on this site looking for info and find many great things. Just not what I...
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    A4LD transmission trouble.

    Our 94 Explorer XLT (with over 150K miles) stopped up shifting at full throttle from 1-2 and 2-3... Will shift when you let up on the accelerator. So I've read many post and hoped it was the Vaccum modulator. No such luck, my mechanic said he pressure tested the tranny in 1st @ 120psi and 2nd...