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    Break light switch wiring diagram

    Thank you for your assistance. I did not know if one was a ground or if one supplied power. I know that the color of the wire doesn't dictate performance; I just didn't want to reverse polarity or short something out by wiring in the new harness backwards.
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    Break light switch wiring diagram

    This Explorer does not have Advance Trac. It is my brother-in-law's vehicle and he states that it would not shift out of park and that none of the brake lights worked. He Googled those symptoms and came to the conclusion that the switch needed to be replaced. He purchased the updated switch...
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    Break light switch wiring diagram

    I need to replace the break light switch on a 2003 Explorer XLT 4x4. Apparently the wiring harness has been updated and the new switch has different color wires that what came stock. The stock harness has a green wire with a red stripe and a brown wire with a black stripe. The new, updated brake...