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    2003 Explorer 4.6 Vortech Supercharged dyno tuned

    The head unit is a Vortech V2SQ S-trim and I used a Vortech aftercooler (I had all of this and the heat exchanger laying around from my other car when I took it off.) Using a V3 supercharger would be easier as it is self contained and doesn't need an external oil feed and drain like mine did...
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    k&n intake on 2005 XLT

    Don't know if you have figured it out yet, but the 02-03 have idle air control and 04+ are throttle by wire. Most likely the difference is that the 02-03 intake will have an extra hole for the IAC hose you will have to plug that the 04+ will not have and also the 04+ has a slot style maf instead...
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 Vortech Supercharged dyno tuned

    I'll have to get a better video of the exhaust. I have the one above on the dyno and the one below that is part throttle with the window down the day I got the exhaust. My exhaust is 3" from the Y back. I am really happy with the exhaust, it has a nice rumble and no resonance inside the cabin...
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    2003 Explorer 4.6 Vortech Supercharged dyno tuned

    Got my explorer with a few mods dyno tuned on a mustang dyno today. Made 339 rwhp/341 rwtq. What do you guys think? Truck has 3" exhaust with flowmaster 70 and an aftercooled Vortech supercharger setup for performance and a BTF spacer 1.75"/1.5" lift and...
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    02-05 V8 Fuel Pump HP Limit

    Never mind. Aviator pump already installed.
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    02-05 V8 fuel pump access hole pics

    I am in the process of swapping out my fuel pump for an Aviator fuel pump and thought I would post some pics. I used some pics I found in another thread as reference but the other pics are for an 05 and it says it's a flex fuel vehicle so it is a 4.0. My fuel pump retainer ring is different...
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    02-05 V8 Fuel Pump HP Limit

    I already have pretty much everything including the supercharger. I have injectors, maf, etc. I still need to figure the fuel pump out and I need an intercooler. That's why I was wondering if a boost a pump was enough or if I need a pump.
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    02-05 V8 Fuel Pump HP Limit

    I was wondering if anyone knows the horsepower limit of the stock fuel pump without and with a boost a pump? Looking at supercharging my Explorer and looking to be around 450 FWHP and was wondering if I could get by with just a boost a pump which I already have or if I will need a pump. Thanks...