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    Grille Shutters Not Covered Under Warranty?

    My guess is that with the shutters closed blocking air from coming through, the whole engine bay would warm up faster leading a faster warming engine. I know for earlier Ford/Lincoln models, like the 2013-2016 Lincoln MKS, the Shutters were not included in all Engine options, only on the...
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    Installing European maps??

    Like what Jason stated above, he knows better, but you can replace the APIM with a European one that can have the European maps.
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    Phone Echo

    My experience with the Echo on a Ford Edge & a 2013 Explorer is that it will start if the parking sensors beep (usually in reverse) while being on the call.
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    Grille Shutters Not Covered Under Warranty?

    The Active Grille Shutters are for increasing Fuel Economy at higher speeds. I wouldn't expect the fuel savings will be worth the cost for replacing them. I'd suggest to either remove them or just disconnect them if they can be positioned in the fully open position.
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    Change to the displays.

    I don't recall the exact menu selection names, but should give you an idea: In the Instrument cluster left screen, go to Settings > Display > Gauge display > Select Fuel+Tach.
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    Lost the ability to program door codes

    It is a MyFord Touch (Sync2) bug I believe because I faced the same issue on my Edge. After sometime it will work again, i think disconnecting the battery or forcing the Sync2 to reboot was what fixed it for me.
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    Road salt inside the doors

    There was a similar issue on the 2015-2018 Ford Edge and Ford issued TSB 18-2339 (link to TSB) to correct it. The fix included several things including new design weatherstripping that has an additional lip to seal better. 2019+ Edges already have the updated seal. Report the issue to Dealer so...
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    cruise control activating brakes

    In such cases when going downhil, press the cancel button to temporarily disengage CC and then once finished press resume. I don't think CC will ever be programmed to allow for higher speeds because they would run in to liability issues due to vehicles overspeeding and presenting legal and/or...
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    Blue LED blub conversion on 2016 explorer

    Maybe you have the factory LED fog lights.
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    Coolant Level In 2020 Explorers

    From the 2020 Owners Manual: Also:
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    Lincoln Embrace Feature (Approach Lighting)

    Just a thought, do you lock your Aviator in the garage? Maybe it only works if you approach it while it is locked. Or maybe you leave the key close to the aviator and it needs to have the key to be away for a certain minimum amount of time.
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    Check your PTU fluid level!

    Go for a 2nd (maybe even a 3rd) drain & refill after a few hundred miles to allow the new fluid to mix well and remove any balance old fluid/gunk.
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    Changing HVAC controls from 2015 to 2016+ ?

    That is from the XLT trim, 2016-2019 models when equipped with the 8" center display.
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    Difference between power and manual liftgate

    Best way to check is see a parts website, they will state the compatibility. There is no separate listing for power vs. manual.
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    2011 Explorer Interchangeable Body Parts

    Best Best way to check is see a parts website, they will state the compatibility. Example: Rear left Door shell (2011-2019 Explorer) Passenger (right) Taillight (2011-2015 - non Police)
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    How to: Power mirror circuit: hard-wiring radar detector, camera, etc.

    I know this is a late reply, but I only saw this now. On my 2016 Edge, those would be for a heating element that heats portion of the windshield directly in-front/around the camera used for the Lane Keeping System. From the Edge Service Manual:
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    Ford ESP at dealer cost to forum members

    Make sure it is the plan you want as there are four different plans based on components covered. ESP site.
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    OEM Remote Start Quit working

    It actually is NOT a factory sensor. It is an OEM accessory added after the factory (link), probably by the dealer or the previous owner (if purchased used). There is a knob on the module to adjust the shock sensitivity. You'll need to look for it under the dash. The wiring harness for it is...
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    OEM Remote Start Quit working

    Glad it worked. Do you happen to have the shock sensor installed (vehicle security accessory), some have reported that this might be the cause for this. I have one installed, so it might be it, or not.
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    TPMS Module Location?

    The TPMS sensors will not prevent you from adding air. If there is a problem adding air it would be the valve stem (link) which can be replaced separately from the TPMS itself. Also, where are the old sensors? if they come close to your vehicle at any time they might confuse the receiver unless...
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    OEM Remote Start Quit working

    Try to disconnect the new battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it. It happens sometimes to my Edge (after a ForScan edit or re-connecting the battery) and read it being reported on some other Ford models. Might help since you don't have apparent reason for the remote start not to work...
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    Wheel & tire weight for 21” ST

    Just in case you don't get a better answer, the Edge's stock 21" wheel & tire combo weigh 72 lb per corner. Since the 2020 Explorer has a slightly larger tire (275/45R21 vs. 265/40R20), I'd guess it will be 3-4 lbs more each tire. And no, it is definitely NOT economical to ship them USPS. If you...
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    What is this?

    Looks like an after market parking sensor display. Probably reverse parking sensors. Does it light up when in reverse? If yes, it would indicate the distance of obstacles from the rear bumper.
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    Is there a way to tell when my Explorer was built from the VIN?

    The ETIS site can tell the specific day with the VIN. You have to be registered to get the vehicle details. The date shown would be in non-US format (DD-MM-YYYY).
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    Where are you buying Ford parts during COVID-19?

    There is a switch replacement part that is now around $24 to fix the issue. No need to replace the whole shifter. TSB posted here.