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  1. K

    245 75R 16 on 01 Sport

    I currently have 255 70R 16 tires. Would 245 75R 16 winter tire be ok tire size for 01 Sport? The steel rims would be 16x6.5. No mods to explorer. With low availablity of winter tires in area for tire size, this is what's avaible. Not sure if ok to change tire size.
  2. K

    Would a F150 16x7 rim fit on 2001 Explorer Sport 4wd?

    Would a 16X7 F150 rim fit on 2001 explorer sport 4wd? Is the fit ok and bolt pattern the same? My tires are 255/70R 16.
  3. K

    Will 255/70R16 tires fit on 16x6.5 rims

    OK, thank you for the information.
  4. K

    Will 255/70R16 tires fit on 16x6.5 rims

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4wd. Will 16x6.5 steel rims for 255/70R16 winters tires have any problems?