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  1. J

    04 Ford Explorer mom needs help

    Actually they are torque prevailing bolts, no lock tight is used. They are designed to an oval cross section except for the last few threads to prevent baking out. They’re a real PIA!
  2. J

    05 Explorer 4.0 flex engine pcv valve location

    All gasoline/diesel cars built since the 60’s are built with them by law. It’s on the back of the engine about 4 inches from the top of the valve cover and about 4 inches from the left (drivers) side. It’s not easy to see, but the hose leading to it is in plain sight. It’s there unless someone...
  3. J

    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    I had this issue with my wifes car, so I've been keeping an eye out for that. This car came with an NVH foam "pillow" which I took out so I could see the top of the block. Thanks for responding.
  4. J

    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    Went out and looked at this valve, it’s dirty but dry. Will monitor it. Thx.
  5. J

    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    Forgot to mention, the plugs all looked normal and the same as each other.
  6. J

    Mystery Coolant Leak 4.0 SOHC - Any Ideas?

    Greetings, Looking for help on where my coolant is going to... Have an 02 Explorer with the 4.0 SOHC engine, high miles (286K). Coolant has been disappearing from the system at about 16+ ounces a week but can't find where it is going, have checked the following: Pressure tested the system, It...
  7. J

    Clunk when braking after startup

    I get a fairly loud clunk from the rear of my 02 Explorer the first few times I step on the brake after the car has been sitting overnight. The clunking gradually diminishes with each tap of the brake and then goes away completely after about the first 20 seconds after startup. Since this goes...
  8. J

    Door bounces open in cold weather

    Explorer Door Bounce Back / Wont Stay Closed Here's what worked for me: Explorer door bounce back happens in cold weather when water freezes in the latch. Normally, when the outside or inside door handle is pulled, the mechanism to the upper left of the latch actuates, then is released by a...
  9. J

    5R55S Occasional No 5th. Recent P0775

    Thanks for the info. Still not clear on why this doesn't affect 2nd gear and only 5th given that these are the same servo and planet set. Since this is a very late 2002, I believe it has the 2003 level trans (no fill plug behind the servos). Has any had to re-sleeve a a transmission that...
  10. J

    5R55S Occasional No 5th. Recent P0775

    Have not dropped the pan yet. I'm trying to better understand the problem before that. Trying to understand the type of issue would cause: 1) Losing 5th but not 2nd. 2) Restarting the car and 5th works again 3) Intermittent occurrence.
  11. J

    5R55S Occasional No 5th. Recent P0775

    Hello, I'm still searching the forum for this issue and am well aware of the common issues with this trans but wondering if anyone has info on this specific situation. I have a very late 2002 Explorer (8/2002) 4.0 5R55S with 209K miles. About once a week for the last month I get the "OD...
  12. J

    OD OFF light blinking

    The OD Off light on my 02 Explorer with 202K miles on it started flashing a few weeks ago. The only noticeable change that happened at that time was that it shifted between 3rd and 4th with a thump you could hear and feel. The shop replaced the solenoid assembly and it runs good now. I bought...
  13. J

    ABS light on after new FR wheel bearing replacement

    I had the same problem with my wifes 2007 Explorer: noisy front wheel bearings at 80K. When I installed the new Moog bearings from RockAuto, the ABS and Traction control light came on. Driving the vehicle and/or disconnecting the battery did not turn the lights off. Upon reconnecting the plugs...