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    stuck drums

    Mine too were stuck. Beating them off is the only way I know. And on mine it was pretty brutal, it doesn't appear they can be damaged with a hammer. :) I think about inventing a tool but I do not change them often enough to justify it.
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    Moonroof - was it an option?

    I have a 91 with moonroof, no leaks but corrosion at the front under the seal. There was a recall or TSB about the moonroof. It's real easy to install it incorrectly after removal and it flies off. Mine came installed incorrectly by the dealer.
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    How to deal with your significant other

    There are other things guys can obsess about that are more threatening to a relationship. At least she knows where the money and your time goes. Avoid credit card receipts from Sweet Caroline's Auto-Erotica and Body Shop and you'll do fine It's tough to explain the difference between a...
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    Stuck accelerator?

    Another thing, and as stupid as it sounds it has happened to me, the driver's carpet mat inches up on the accelerator pedal and holds it down. I've also read about it somewhere in a Ford bulletin.
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    Right turn signal is dead

    The same flasher is used for left, right and hazard. The voltage that activates the flasher is supplied through the turn lamp. A non working turn signal is the first indication of a burnt out lamp. Push the turn stalk up and verify that the right lamp is on in the front and the back. If not...
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    91 Explorer cranks but won't start after head swap

    Ignore the cooling temp sensor, it only is a factor when you have spark. Stuff happens and the computer could be history, but seeing as this started with a head change, something during the change seems most likely. One of the car places (O'Reilly?) claims to check ECMs, it's a last resort...
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    Removing Drums

    I'm looking forward to plan I from the link :D :
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    91 Explorer cranks but won't start after head swap

    Don't call the gris-gris man yet. Disconnect battery for 10 minutes to reset everything, it should have been disconnected during the head change. Is the CEL light on? Push the schrader valve on the fuel rail to establish fuel's at the rail. WEAR EYE PROTECTION! When vapor is cleared...
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    Removing Drums

    I'm afraid that's my experience too. A 5lb sledge, maneuvering to get the best angle, and balanced blows were the only way I could get mine off. Good Luck
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    Removing Drums

    The emergency brake must be released of course. Other than that whacking with a hammer seems to be it.
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    How do I work around my A/C system?

    I've changed my heads without removing the compressor. Just remove the bolts, including the one that holds the hose to the engine, and fold the entire assy up and out of the way. If you are going to change the cam, then you are pulling the engine and eveything needs to be disconnected. Good Luck
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    Thermostat I think

    Go ahead and replace the thermostat along with the seal. I had the same problem and discovered some ham handed technician stripped one of the bolts that had to be heli-coiled. And this is after the son-of-a-gun told me he had changed the thermostat, so I went chasing the problem elsewhere...
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    Missing vacuum line ?

    I should add that to the pic. This is a manual. The automatic transmission uses one of the ports. Common vacuum leaks are the lines that cross the engine bay get brittle and break. Also around the grommet on the brake booster.
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    how do i get the fuel out of the tank?

    Building on that idea, On the offhand chance that doesn't work (I think the computer checks the CPS, if not spinning after two seconds it cuts off the fuel pump), one can jump +12VDC from the battery to a paper clip stuck in the inertia switch. I would disconnect at the FPR or even the...
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    EGR VALVE not opening and closing? Can't find it

    Try post #6
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    A/C Receiver/Drier Condensation

    Depending on the state of the charge and other factors such as humidity, the accumulator (black thing) gets cold enough to frost up, which rapidly melts. Some of the Explorers had insulation wrapped around the accumulator to prevent this, unfortunately it trapped the moisture and caused them...
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    need fuse and relay layout for 98 explorer

    You want figures 6 & 7. and Good Luck!
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    Missing vacuum line ?

    The EPA diagrams only show the environmental connections. Keep an eye out for transmission fluid. There's a common problem where the Automatic Transmission Vacuum Modulator goes bad and blows the vaccum hoses off.
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    Multifunction switch- or- Flaher unit?

    To answer the question, the grounds for the flasher come up through the turn signal lamps (4) on each side. The MFS selects the left or right set. The hazard flasher set switch selects all (8). If a bulb burns out the flasher will not work for that side (turn signal), but will work still work...
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    turn signal no worky!

    As of yet there has been no mention of a stupid with a flare gun or a gambling house. But this isn't over yet.:D
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    how much for wheel bearing kit

    Of no help given your location, the wheel bearing ass'y at a popular US auto store is $160.99, assuming the 97 vehicles are similar between US and UK. Instructions are at...
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    Satellite Radio - who's got it?

    I don't have it. I listen to local right wing radio (four stations) and they carry some of the nationally syndicated shows (Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Savage) along with local firebrands. For music I stick in a CD and let it play over and over for a month or two. Currently it's Ten Years...
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    worked it out

    I for one am relieved and I see it only took five posts. :D Welcome to the forum.:thumbsup:
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    Lost in Bearing Straits

    A follow-up regarding an unexpected benefit. My gas milage has improved 1.8 mpg. I guess there's something to having whole wheel bearings!
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    How to: 2nd Gen NO AC ( or heat) FROM VENTS!!! A "How to" what to look for thread

    If it only happens on acceleration look for a problem with the globe. It's function is to 'store' the vacuum for 'release' during acceleration. A common problem is water in the globe from condensation.