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    Swapping my 95 Sport 4x4 rear end with 97 Mountaineer

    I did some searching and found the U-Bolt sizes. I assume the two bars on the Mountaineer are because it is AWD? I just removed them. The explorer rear end didn't even have the mounts on the top of the housing for the bars. I have new brakes and rotors installed on the replacement. Time...
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    Swapping my 95 Sport 4x4 rear end with 97 Mountaineer

    I have a 1995 Explorer Sport 4x4 LSD 3.73. The rear end is shot. It whines grinds and howls like a dog right now. A friend at work gave me his complete rear end from a 97 Mountaineer. It has the same 3.73 gearing and LSD. The one thing that I noticed that was different was that existing...
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    Front Driver Door removal

    I am getting ready to swap my front driver door. Is there a wiring harness in the door or in the cylinder in the door jam? Or do I have to pull all of the wires out of the door somehow? I was able to unplug all the other doors. I was unable to find the connector in the kick panel or the door.
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    brake job now ABS randomly kicks on

    The sensor is right behind the dust shield. You need to use an allen wrench to remove it. Just follow the wire down and you will see where it goes into the hub/knuckle. You will probably have to remove the caliper, rotor, and dust shield to get at it. That is why I have not cleaned my driver...
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    brake job now ABS randomly kicks on

    My ABS started to do the same thing after I did the lower ball joints. I am pretty sure that I got some crud on the magnet or in the hole where the sensor screws into the hub on the driver side. I still have not fixed it. But when I did the passenger side I took the extra time to clean the...
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    Front Driver window shorted out.

    I tried swapping out the "power windows" and "one touch" relays under the IP without any luck. I did notice that they click when I push the button on the driver window. They do not click when I try the front passenger window "it rolls down". Maybe I shorted something in the door? I do have...
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    Front Driver window shorted out.

    A few weeks ago I had my door panel off with everything unplugged. I think I arced some wires between my fuse box and door. When I got the truck the heater was hot wired to the fuse block on the side of the IP. So their is a wire stuck in one of the fuses. Now the driver window does not...
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    Rear wiper

    Try this first. Pull out the plastic cover that is in the center of the hatch just below the glass. Once you get it out you will see a wire harness. Unplug it and try your rear wiper. This is the sensor for the rear glass being open. This only applies if you are getting the door ajar and no...
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    Installed EL Glow Gauges - Messed up Speedo and Tach

    I will give that a try. I take it I can get the panels back off and then just remove the lense with the cluster still attached?
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    Installed EL Glow Gauges - Messed up Speedo and Tach

    Do I pry it up on the white tips or do you mean the black base that holds the needle?
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    Installed EL Glow Gauges - Messed up Speedo and Tach

    Installed El glow gauges over the weekend. The speedo goes up but tends to stick when you slow down. The tach seems to be loose. Sometimes it works or jumps but usually just sits at around 1000 RPM. I didn't take the needles off. I did have a hard time getting the needles through the holes...
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    Installed new shocks have a question

    I installed front and rear shocks last month. I did not use a torque wrench on the top bolts. If I over tighten them will it make it ride rough? The truck still hits pretty hard over bumps I also did the front suspension (upper control arms/ball joints, lower ball joints, and tie rod ends).
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    Scored some new doors. Have a an electrical question.

    Anyone know anything about this? Right now I have all 4 doors, the rear hatch (with brake lights) front bumper with fogs, long center console, and the upper grille with the front core support sitting in my basement! All from a 1999 Explorer XLT. Got everything for just over $200. I needed...
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    Problem after changing driver side lower ball joint.

    Changed the driver side lower ball joint yesterday. Everything was going good until the zerk screw snapped off in the ball joint. Had to tear it back down and was able to get it out with a drill. Thankfully it was not in real tight. Still lost an hour and a half! Now for the questions...
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    Scored some new doors. Have a an electrical question.

    Yesterday I scored all 4 doors from a 99 Explorer XLT for $100. I was able to unplug all the doors besides the driver door. I clipped the wires at the door jam. Did a search and I believe the clip is in the black cylinder correct? So I should be okay once I get the top off of it and unplug...
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    Fog lights and basic wiring question

    This weekend I picked up a 99 bumper with fog lights. I clipped the wires on the fog lights about 6 inches past the harness. So I have the harness and two wires coming out of it. I also grabbed the bezel with the factory fog light button. I cut that as far back as I could before it started...
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    Help me find seafoam point on this pic

    Not trying to necro-post but where is this location of the PCV at (from the last post)? The updated picture with the big red arrow is gone! Thanks for the help!
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    Rear differential vent tube loose

    Changed the differential gear oil today and noticed that the vent tube popped out of the hole on the axle housing. I pushed it back in but it is pretty loose. It can easily be pulled back out. What should I do for a permanent fix? I was going to plastic welder it back onto the axle housing...
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    Buzzing when I start and turn off

    First post here but have been lurking since last Spring. I noticed when I start my truck and turn it off that I get a buzzing noise which sounds like it is coming from behind the gauge cluster. It is only for a second or two. Sometimes a little longer. I did a search and the only thing I...