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    Manual transmission becomes hard to shift in stop-and-go traffic - why?

    I have same trans. new clutch and slave with 2000 miles. the work was performed by master mec. he re- inspected and re- adjusted and found zero leaks, low levels etc. as above 90 percent of time everything perfect then wham. Locked in gear, somtimes truck wants to move forward with clutch...
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    01 sport rear suspension sag

    Any unexplained rattles or squeaks in the rear,,,,,Just be sure to Check your body to frame bushings. I just replaced my and the rear is now back to normal. It was low. See the post 02 Explorer body to frame bushings,, just posted... as far as i know all explorer sports have this problem..
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    No Camera,,,No Pix,,, But I did call Daystar and let them know the results... I cant tell you how many calls and time wasted calling ,,,Autoanything, LMC, a-1, napa, Summett, even called the local Catholic Church, (the priest said they didnt sell truck parts) I just hope this keeps someone from...
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    Well the Kit from Daystar (KF04009) arrived, The install started this morning at 800 am and at 1100 am this morning the test drive was completed, The kit fit very near perfect, No squeeks, no rattles,,, This was done at a small shop with lift and only 1 person did the install.. So...
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    I just ordered the KIT from energy suspension parts to arrive on Friday. IF this works as many have said,,,, i just saved at least 700$. If they dont fit they will refund my 150$ plus shipping, and I will get them at carquest for about 900$. I will update this about this time next week...
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    I have a call in to Daystar Suspension Tech department. The first rep I spoke with said they had nothing for this car at all, only a ST. Their tech folks is to check this out and I will up date... I cant believe that all 01 - 05 owners dont have this problem... By the way the front two bushing...
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    It is hard to believe that the parts house sell up to a 2001 or any Sport Trac for a very low price, but when it becomes a 02 they drop off the face of the earth. As i understand it there are around 8 positions as some (or all) are in 2 parts and at least 3 diff sizes. As I said Ford want about...
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    02 Sport Body Mount Bushing Kit

    I just found out my 02 2wd 5spd has total lost rear body mount bushings. I have searched everywhere and no one except Ford and Carquest has any thing at all. Ford wants arount 2,000$ for the complete kit and Carquest shows 77$ for each but nothing specific. Any other truck/car is...