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    what vehicles have you pulled out of mud, ditches and so on.

    My buddy's 89 4Runner for most situations 85 Toyota pickup...out of a 4 foot deep waterhole...!!!OOPS!!!
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    Explorer 1; Deer 0

    Yes not like it's particularly hard to hit something with a shotgun. Sorta like a cheap camera...point and shoot :PPP
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    Worst stuck pic thread

    Oops on that pic...looks like MySpace doesn't let you link images...lame Here's the link:
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    Swappin headlights for Hellas?

    The reason I was gonna upgrade is I need to replace the driver side module ANYWAY and thought I might just make the system better all the way around...but maybe I'll just put a new OEM one on and add to my aux lighting array.
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    Swappin headlights for Hellas?

    Hmm thanks may look into that...
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    Drink cup holder console for Gen 1 Explorer

    I need to find a fore-aft one cause every time I shift to 2nd or R in my side-by side the shift knob takes out anything higher than a soda can.
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    Swappin headlights for Hellas?

    I have the 500 driving lights (round ones) and they're bright enough to drive by... The 9007s will fit in the stock assemblies? I was kinda trying to get away from the crappy Ford assemblies but if switching to 9007 gets you that much more useable light then I might try it...thanks for you input.
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    Swappin headlights for Hellas?

    K so here's an idea I had and I want some feedback. I was thinking about replacing my stock headlight assemblies with either Hella 450s or 550s. Since I work for Blade-Tech Industries making thermoplastic shrouds to cover the open areas would not be a problem. And I'm not concerned about losing...
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    LED Headlamps....OEM?

    Anything you do electrically or mechanically makes a certain amount of heat. Maybe not much but it's there. My surefire light has a "Warning Hot Surface" warning on the bezel. One guy used his light to thaw his frozen door lock once.
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    Worst stuck pic thread

    Small pic I know but this is my worst...didn't LOOK that deep:D
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    LED Headlamps....OEM?

    Justin's got it. Luxeon LEDs are where it's at. My Surefire has a 3 watt LED combined with a projector lens and is brighter than many fog lights.
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    Roof mount light bar, bumpers, and winch questions

    Check out James Duff for bumpers. As for roof-mounted lights: might not look great but they sure are functional.
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    Headlight removal?

    I've already thought about both sucking the water out and drilling a hole in it. Both would work except the light bulb burst and I have to get the glass out...
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    Headlight removal?

    Hey guys, so I ended up with a bunch of water in my driver side head light and am trying to remove the assembly to drain it. Pulled the parking lamp assy. Haynes says "use needlenose to squeeze the plastic retainers" well I squeezed everything plastic in there and can't get them to...
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    Floor High Beam Switch

    I'm 19 and my first vehicle was a '66 GMC halfton pickup. 350 beast. And a floor switch of course. As for a mirror sensor. Screw that. I hate it when cars try to be smarter than me. I'm fully capable of performing the function, let ME make the call...thankyou. :PPP
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    how do i save gas in my ex?

    And there you have it :D
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    Brush guard

    I stole mine off my buddy's old mazda pickup when he blew up the engine
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    turbocharging my Explorer

    Dude I want some video :PPP
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    Fram filters?

    The new Amsoil filters are suppose to be able to go the full 25kmiles that the oil can go...
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    Fram filters?

    No. AMS says you can go 25k on an oil change but I don't know about that...I might go 10. We'll see.
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    Fram filters?

    I use to use Castrol GTX high mileage with a Napa Gold filter every 3k. Last change I switched to AMSoil synth oil and filter. Air filter too. Slowly converting everything on my X to AMS.
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    HG replacment; 91 navajo LX

    Machining is a no-brainer to me after having done the a blown head gasket job on my old S10. If nothing else, though, get it pressure tested.
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    What do you put in your EX for winter-snow added weight?

    I have a bunch of Craftsman tools in the back of mine and a duffle bag full of emergency supplies. But that's always in there :PPP But we don't really get snow in WA so... 4hi will be good enough.
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    guage problems

    Roy eh? I'm right next to you in Spanaway. Cheers!