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    99 AWD suspension questions

    I have a post asking the same question so up to the top it go's. :D
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    Auto leveling

    My auto level on my '99 seems to have quit working. The light came on a couple of weeks ago and then went off, but the compressor has not come on in weeks and the rear in definately a little low. Does anybody have any ideas or any way to eliminate the air ride and go with something else? Any...
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    Coli pack Question

    How come when I look for coil packs for my '99 5.0 MSD and accel both say that they only go up to '98? Do I have to go to ford for these or can I go aftermarket? Any help appreciated. Thanks Andy
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    Sub replacement question.

    Thanks for all the help! I just finished putting a JL Sub in, I had to cut away the back of the enclosure and do some fiberglass work, but it went in no problem. I'll post how it sounds after the fiberglass is dry. Thanks again, great board with great people! Thanks Andy
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    Sub replacement question.

    So the factory sub is 8 ohms? I thought for some reason it was 4. Thanks Andy
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    Sub replacement question.

    Anymore ideas or help? Thanks Andy
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    Sub replacement question.

    Actually I'd just like to get the sub out of the enclosure. Any help with that?
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    Sub replacement question.

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    Sub replacement question.

    I did a search and it seems to say that in order to replace the stock sub in my '99, I have to remove the entire back panel and sub enclosure in order to get a certain bolt out. Is this correct? Any advice on replacements? Thanks Andy
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    Yes, the bolt pattern's the same. So hopefully they should fit? I just don't want to bid on them unless I'm sure. Thanks Andy
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    Does anyone know if an 18x9 with a 14mm offset will fit a '99 explorer? Apparently they are off a '98 cherokee. Thanks Andy
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    mod a V8 bang for buck

    Expect longer than 1.5 hours. I took my time and double checked everything and it probably took me about 5 hours. But the directions were so good, it made it really simple. The only special tools you will need are torque wrenches.
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    mod a V8 bang for buck

    Yeah, I installed the baumann shift kit last summer. Very easy, I've never been in a transmission before, world of difference in shifting, A1 mod!
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    Sway bars

    Does anyone know if there is very much difference between the EE sway bar and the Steeda Sway bar? Steeda is much easier for me to get in Canada, but I don't want to waste my money if it's no good. Thanks Andy
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    Auto level lowering?

    I tow a trailer in the winter, will that not affect it? By the way those rims are amazing. Why are you selling?
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    Auto level lowering?

    I'd like to lower my '99 with the EE kit but will I lose cargo capacity after I remove the level ride system? My understanding is that the air shocks support some of the weight back there. Any ideas? Thanks Andy
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    Found some headers

    Well I ran across some explorer 5.0 headers last night on e-bay. Brand new never been mounted for $130.00 :smoke: . Can anyone tell me if these will make the truck any louder? And if there will really be any difference in HP? Thanks Andy
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    fuel filter

    To lower the fuel pressure just release the schrader valve under the hood (it's on your fuel rail and looks like a tire valve). Watch your eyes when you do it.
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    Performance Chips

    I live in Canada and ordered a chip, unfortunately Brian and I coulden't get it to work properly in my ex, but it wasen't from lack of effort on his part. He's great to work with and extremely helpful.
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    Snow Pics

    Just traded the polaris in (blew it up a couple of times last year), but the new ski-doo is sitting in my shop ready to go!!!!!:D :D
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    Snow Pics

    It's snowing here right now as I look out the window:D . Can't wait to get the new sled out!!!!!
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    Explorer XLT 00 Heads and Cam??

    If you want loud do the exhaust, the cam won't help out much. The heads on the 5.0 are not that bad, but the cam is the pretty much the worst one ford has ever made. I am personally going to install the E-303 cam and a set of roller rockers, this will really wake it up. If thats not good enough...
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    Will these work

    Were the mustangs different mounts for different years? How would I know if they were stud mount or pedestal mount?
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    Will these work

    Will the ford 1.72 roller rockers for the mustang work on the explorer? I am assuming that they mount the same and I shoulden't have any problems if I but a used set off a mustang guy. Thanks Andy
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    crazy gauge bezel questions

    Is trolls all custom or can you do that relativelt easy? That is exactly what I'd like to do. Andy