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    my pix

    stereo pix
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    4x4 doest work??

    I have a 94 exploder and all the sudden the 4x4r doesnt work when i hit the button. I want to change it out to manual hubs but what culd be wrong. I hear no noise and no light comes on. Please help nick
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    New Gears????

    Im planning on puttitng some 32's on my 94 explorer with my 3'' body lift but im wondering if i shuld get new gears i have 3.73's And if i shuld where would i get them and how much are they. i really dont weant to re gear tho please help nick
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    Whats Wrong

    Hey guys im not too sure wuts wrong but i have a 94 explorer pretty much stock now but i do have plans for a 3'' body lift soon and a 2'' susp llift with some 33's, but my 4x4 doest work. WHen i hit the button absolutely nothing happens. No light or noises. I want to convert to manual locking...
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    Here is something i learned sort of the hard way and wasnt too happy but we all will. WHen someone tells u to get a cheap deck and everything will be fine dont listen to them. I bought a hundred dollar aiwa pos deck thinking it wuld sound the same as all the others. Every time i turned the...
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    Eclipse H/U

    It says something like CDR on then nothing happens
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    Eclipse H/U

    Hey i bought a eclipse deck off my friend for 40 bux it was made in 2001. Well i hooked it all up and only hooked up my two front door speakers just to see if it worked and it lit up and everything and i put a cd in it and it doesnt want to read the CD it stays in for a bit then pops back out. I...
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    Weird Thump

    same side as what? power wire?
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    Weird Thump

    hey i dunno wuts wrong but when u turn my ignition off my subs thump rilly loud. Is this because my amp is cheap or what? Whats wrong?
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    94 X on 20's

    what rims will have the cap to fit over the stock 4x4 hub and what size tire should i run. Im lookin to lower my X 2'' also....
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    Weird Noise

    I have been getting this weird noise latley comming form the engine compartment, when it is as idle. Its kind of a humming "whirring" noise, but when the a/c is on sometimes the noise stops. WHat is this? Is it he compressor or sumtin?
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    WHats wrong????

    so should i take it back there and tell them that or what?
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    WHats wrong????

    Hey i have an aiwa h/u with with stock speakers, and i have as bazooka amp going to 2 infinity twelves that i had installed all for 60 dollars...i thought that was a good deal. Any ways, after i got it installed and turned it on, my rear door speakers have sort of a buzzing sound and there is...
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    box question

    ok this might seem weird but hwere it goes. I have an infinity sub running of a 500 watt mono amp, running more off like 200 watts preobably. Ne ways, i had this box i built, not making any precise easuerments or anything, just made a big box, and put 2 ports a foot long on each side...i kno, it...
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    weird stuff with amp and subs

    hey i have a bazooka 500.1 amp and a infinity reference sub and one day after i copnnected it back up after moving my amp it started acting weird. It all the sudden goes off on its own and it plays like nonstop bass, at a low note, like its not getting a signla or sumtin? Should i get new rca...
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    wuts wrong?

    hey i have an aiwa h/u on the face all of the sudden one day it said "EO3" and now it wont eject my cd. I still get power and the radio works but the cd doesnt. wuts wrong?
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    wut kind of box?

    hey i have an infinity referance 12'' sub with a 500 watt bazooka amp and i was wondering wut kind of box i should use. I listen to Rock and Rap, and i like boomy bass. I have it in this ****ty ass box i built that has 2 ports that are not even measured or ne trhing, and i think with a little...
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    ajusting gains

    i have a 500.1 watt bazooka amp and an infinity referance sub in a ported box. The infinity seems to liek the power, but i dont really know how to adjust the db gain, and the bass boost and the other one it had. Right now i have the db gain low, and the power and bass boost like 3/4. I dont...
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    My new system

    hey i just wanted to tell you guys bout my new system in my benz, (traded my dad for explorer) I have an aiwa cheepy deck, some cheep dash speakers, and today i just bought a infinity reference 12'' for 90 bux and a bazooka 500.1 amp. I installed it all tonight and it was surprisinlgy simple. I...
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    Clear COrners

    Hey does anybody know where to get some clear corners for a 94 xlt? I cant fidn them on ebay and explorer express is way expensive. 140 for just the front? Nick
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    Where to get spacers?

    what year f150 spacers do i need and is it 2wd f150 or 4. Thanks, Nick
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    Where to get spacers?

    Hey im doing a 2'' warrior shackle and coil spacer lift and i need to know where to get spacers and which ones to get. Nick
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    Pix of wut i got

    k i dunno wut im doing wrong im hosting my pix at and im copying the URL into the IMG box thing. Wuts wrong.
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    Pix of wut i got

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    hey im getting some new 15x8 inch rims on my explorer and i know i need a 5 5.4 bolt pattern but what backspacing should i look for? I am gonna run 31'' mud kings and i want them to stick out a little bit for that cool look. The rims i was have a 3.75'' back space. Will this give me that look...