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    4x4 problems

    yes i have the auto hubs auto hubs with 5 speed standard shift trans
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    4x4 problems

    1994 ford ranger 4x4 problems my 4x4 light is always on and my 4 wheel drive wont work in eathier high range or low range but the weird part is when i put my truck in low range the truck sounds as if it wer in low but the 4x4 isnt engaging? what would cause this my truck is standard five speed...
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    4x4 problems

    my 4x4 light stays on at all times and my 4wheel drive wont work even when i hit the low range 4x4 it doesnt work but the low range light comes on .when i drive my truck in low range it revs high but all 4 wheels are not locked please help ??is there some thing wrong with my transfer case or...