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    Transmission Troubles

    Update: Transmission Shop replaced the Neutral Safety Switch. But the next morning when the car was cold it did the same thing with the slipping in and out of gear. But when the car is hot it runs fine with no probelms. Any opinions or suggestions?
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    Transmission Troubles

    Well, this morning the X started slipping out of gear. I could go like five feet then hear the engine rev up and then it would go into gear and the same thing over and over. The OD Light started flashing constantly. When it warmed up it was fine and I checked the fluid level and it was o.k...
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    Ball Joints

    Yeah, it includes labor. Just wanted to double check. Thanks.
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    Ball Joints

    I need new ball joints. The Ford Dealer wants $400.00 to replace them. Is this a good price? Thanks
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    Gas Mileage

    A couple of months ago I did a complete tune-up on the Ex. (Changed Fuel Filter, Plugs, Plug Wires, Reset the Computer) and before I did the tune-up I was getting about 20 MPG on the highway. Ever since I have been ranging between 17 to 19.5. The car runs smooth and is not missing or anything...
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    Changing Spark Plugs

    Yeah, I recently had to change them on my '97. That was a pain. I think it took me about 6 hours so you're two ahead of me. I am glad that is only every 100k and that seems like too soon.
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    List your Explorer and the NOISES it makes!

    Mine goes click, click, click, click , etc... after it is hot and I turn it off.
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    My buddy's ranger is stock with the auto hubs. But this sounds like it is the front drive shaft or something actuallyhitting the floorpan. Although I guess if it was the hubs it would be close enough to make that noise. He's never had any problems engaging the 4wd. It's just an annoying noise.
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    Dead Battery, Won't Charge

    Yep, dead battery gets my vote!
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    Yeah, I have a friend with a '01 Ranger. When he has his in 4WD and makes a fairly hard turn going maybe 5 to 10MPH his makes a loud popping noise that seems to be coming from under the driver's floorboard area. I would be curious to find out what the popping noise is too. :)
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    Well, thought I would say thanks and give you an update. I cleaned the MAF and it still ran bad. Then my brother told me to take a hose and run water up the tail pipe (Probably not recommended) but alot of muddy water came out and then when it got clear I started the car and it ran perfect...
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    Change to SYN PS Fluid

    Well, I don't know any way to flush it but what I did was take one of the kitchen type basters (spelling) like you use on a turkey to suck up and squirt the juice to keep it moist. I took that and sucked out as much old fluid as I could. Hope this helps.
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    CD Player Upgrade

    I have a AM / FM Cass. in my '97 Ex. I have a buddy who got an aftermarket system in his '01 ranger and he gave me his Factory CD Player. My problem is the connectors are different. Is there any way to make it work? Thanks.
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    How to clean mass air flow sensor

    I'm stupid. What and where is the IAC? Thanks.
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    How to clean mass air flow sensor

    After off roading I think I got the mass air flow sensor dirty. How do I clean it and with what? The car idles for about 20 minutes o.k. and cuts out. Also, when I give it gas it bogs down and tries to stall. Does this sound like the MAF? Anything else I should look for. Thanks
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    After off-roading and getting stuck in a very deep mud puddle -- I've got problems. I had muddy water drop down from behind the dash (About 4 glasses full) and got water in the air intake box. I replaced the air filter and cleaned the muddy water out of the air intake box. However, the engine...
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    Heater Core

    Well, the heater core on the x has started leaking. How hard is it to replace? I remember on an old mustang I had that the whole dash had to come off. Has anyone done this -- any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Burst Coolant hose

    I just got done replacing all of my hoses on my '97 xlt V-6 OHV. None of my burst but with 100k miles on them I figured it was better to fix them at home than on the side of the road. Sorry to hear about that though.
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    Lubricate Chassis

    Well, I was reading the owner's manual and looks like I need to lubricate the chassis. Does anyone know where and with what I need to lube the chassis on a '97 4x2 4.0 with auto tranny. Thanks
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    Window Problem

    My left rear window (I had it down about a 1/2" quit working today. It didn't make any strange noises or anything it just wouldn't go back up. All the other window still work. Any ideas?? Thanks
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    Axle Question

    Now that I've got my tune-up done, I want to change the axle fluid. Mine is not the limited slip axle its just a regular one. I want to change the fluid but how do I drain the old stuff out? Also, what kind of fluid should I run in there? Thanks
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    Changing Fuel Filter

    Thanks, I got it!!!!
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    Wrong engine?

    I have a '97 4.0 -- mine is the OHV but it has 97,500 miles and no problems. I have a friend who has a '01 SOHC Ranger and has no problems. I don't know what problems they could be referring too. Good Luck and hope you enjoy your explorer.
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    Changing Fuel Filter

    Thanks for all of the help and reply's for tuning up my explorer. It is running great. I tried changing the fuel filter and got a quick release tool but don't know what to do with it. Also, how do you relieve the pressure off of the fuel system so I don't take an 87 octane bath. Thanks for...
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    Tune Up Help

    Thanks for the help. I am going to use the Ford plugs and wires. I don't know what the plugs should be gapped at or how tight to put them in the engine. Also, when you said to reset the computer how or where would I do that? Thanks for the help.