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    4th Gen Explorer Pictures

    Got to explore Moab a little bit with my new tires. 265/70R16 Destination ATs. This is the tire size these explorers should have had from the factory. It looks like it was designed for it, and I suspect some bean counter made them change to the 235s to save cost. Anyway, Moab was great! Didn't...
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    Lets see your Scenic PHOTOS!

    Went to Moab a few weeks ago.
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    Truck always saying it needs oil change

    I believe that 100% is actually 7500 miles. Check the owner's manual to be sure.
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L - surging acceleration

    I had my transmission rebuilt (unnecessarily it turns out) by a dealer. The bump was more noticeable afterward, but now after 30k miles or so, it seems to be better. I think maybe it just needed some breaking in or something. The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve mixes fresh air...
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    CV joint noise?

    My '08 makes this grinding noise in 4x4 also. I agree, it sounds terrible, like something is wrong. It's even worse in 4x4 low. However, I've done a fair amount of driving in 4x4, and it keeps working like nothing is wrong. I'm not very happy about it, but it seems to be in the "range of normal"...
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    Squealing around 1250-1500 RPM

    Could be the air intake whistling noise. Check out this thread: Skip the parts about aftermarket intakes - some explorers, including mine, make this noise completely stock. It got a lot better when I had the throttle body cleaned...
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    2nd to 3rd "jerk"

    So, the 2nd to 3rd bump when accelerating doesn't really bother me. The one that bothers me is when I slow down almost to a stop and then accelerate again. (Imagine slowing for a red light, and then when you're down to about 5mph, the light turns green, and you get back on the gas). That's when...
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    2nd to 3rd "jerk"

    Yeah, you're right. I assumed it was the same as my Honda, but it's not. Actually, I like it better this way.
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    2nd to 3rd "jerk"

    Mine does the 2-3 bump as well. It gets really annoying in stop-and-go traffic. The weird thing, though, is that if I put the gear selector in '3', it doesn't do it anymore. Plus the throttle response from a stop is totally different. What's the deal with that?
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    There is no IAC valve on 2004 and later 4.0 explorers. It went away when they added the electronic throttle. The Idle air control function is now done by adjusting the position of the main throttle plate via the electronic actuator. The older 4.0s certainly did have a whistling noise related...
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    Well, I don't have an aftermarket intake. Mine is completely stock, and it makes the whistling noise, so while I get what you're saying, it's not the complete explanation.
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    Cv axle part number problem

    Thanks. I'll keep an eye (ear) on mine and see if it starts acting up in normal driving. That's a lot less money than I would have expected.
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    Cv axle part number problem

    When did you notice the growling sound? All the time, or just sometimes? Certain speeds only? Uphill, downhill? 4Hi, 4Lo, or "4x4 Auto"? I ask because mine makes a moderately loud growling sound in the front end when I'm in 4x4. Mostly in 4Lo when going downhill. Any little bit of turn in...
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    2006 XLT Whinning noise

    Check out this thread: Hissing or whining noise around 2k-3k rpm. Changes somewhat with outside temperature and humidity and gets worse over time/mileage. If that sounds familiar, and you have the 4.0L, then it could be just...
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    Lifting 4th Gen with Truxxx Leveling Kit + Rancho QuickLift

    Thanks for the pictures. It looks like you had a good time. The truck definitely looks taller in those pics, but it's very hard to tell what's from the tires vs. the struts. I would only put 30.6" tires anyway because I don't want to have to re-gear and the 31.6" would be an awfully big step...
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    Lifting 4th Gen with Truxxx Leveling Kit + Rancho QuickLift

    Your explorer looks great, man. I wish mine looked like that. About the quicklift - it really doesn't seem right to me that they could settle that much. No strut should settle even close to 1.75" unless it blows out. Are you sure there is nothing else limiting it, like is the suspension at...
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    The IAC valve noise was pretty common in older explorers and rangers, but 2004 and later 4.0 explorers don't have an IAC valve. They have an electronic throttle, which adjusts idle air by varying the throttle plate position. So, if you have a 2004 or later explorer with a whistling noise, try...
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L - surging acceleration

    This could also be a dirty throttle body. I just had mine cleaned, and the throttle response is much smoother at low speed. It used to jerk a bit when I got back on the gas after slowing down (but not stopping) like in traffic. It's kinda funny now, I start to cringe a little and nurse the gas...
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    Well, I broke down and paid someone else to clean my throttle body instead of doing it myself. Anyway, the noise is less noticeable now. It's not gone, it's just harder to hear. Also, the throttle response is much smoother at low speeds now. No more jolting when I get back on the gas after...
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    I'm sure there is a seal of some kind in there, but usually these things are designed so that the two pieces bottom out before the o-ring is 100% compressed to prevent it from being distorted or torn. If that's the case, then the gap would indicate that something didn't go together quite right...
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    I noticed there is a rather large gap between the air intake manifold and the throttle body mounting plate (see the photo). I was wondering if this is why it makes that whistling noise. Anyone else with this problem have a similar gap? By the way this is the 4.0L on a 2008 XLT 4x4.
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    Air Intake Whistling noise

    Wow, I'm actually really relieved to hear that others have the whistling noise. I thought it was just me. I have an '08 4.0L, completely stock. It makes a really annoying whistle when accelerating at engine speeds of ~2k to 2.5k. I took it to the dealer a couple times. They were convinced it was...
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    Spare Tire Size?

    What is the tire size? The tire may actually be the same diameter even with the 17" wheel. There's usually a max tire size that will fit between the frame rails. My dad's ranger has 16" rims and the spare is a 15" with a considerably smaller tire. 235/65/R18 is a 30" tire, maybe 29" is the...
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    Just went over 50,000 miles... questions

    Batteries can last anywhere from 6 months to 10 years - depending to a large degree on luck. Usually you will have some warning when they start to degrade - lights dimming when starting the engine, slow starup, etc. If you haven't noticed anything, it's probably fine. On the other hand...
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    Whats your mpgs and what do I look for?

    My '08 4x4 V6 gets about 14-17 commuting to work (depending on much I use the freeway). On road trips it will get 21-23 depending on terrain and wind conditions. Those are my numbers - the dashboard readout consistently reports about 1 MPG higher than I calculate at the gas pump.