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    92 xlt transmission leaking

    I have a 92 explorer xlt, and the transmission has been leaking. I keep refilling it with fluid, cause it doesnt leak a lot. I am guessing its the front main seal, but I want to MAKE SURE that it ABSOLUTELY COULDNT be anything else before I go drop the tranny. it drips from the bellhousing, but...
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    so....sprung a leak in the A4ld

    Hey everyone, so my trannys been leaking bit by bit for the last month or so, dripping from the bellhousing seal, so its likely the front main seal, and ive just been putting in transmission fluid making sure it stays full. this is my daily driver, so ive had to drive it even with the leak. But...
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    88 ranger 4x4 manual tranny in a 92 explorer 4x4?

    Hey, I've been thinking about doing a tranny swap in my 92 explorer. I currently have an a4ld with a pretty steady front main seal leak, and I hear that often times thats just the beginning of tons of problems when you change the seal, so i would prefer to just junk the a4ld and do the manual...
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    What kind of mileage do you get in your 1st generation Explorer?

    drove from denver. co(5280 ft) to breckenridge, co(about 10000 feet or more) and got about 17mpg with all the mixed city/highway, and up and down steep grades. 320 miles on a tank
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    preparation for the field-Haiti

    Yeah, thats a good idea. People there will attempt to steal pretty much anything, so I understand where youre coming from. when I'm there I cant wear watches, sunglasses, or anything nice. Carrying things on the roof is usually a point a to point b kindof situation, and people usually dont climb...
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    preparation for the field-Haiti

    Well, i would get one that has sellable parts, but there are none! There are actually fords sold there but they're more like island car fords, ones we dont often see here. I'm going with the explorer because it has some space, and with some buildup it'll be tough enough for Haiti. In Haiti they...
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    preparation for the field-Haiti

    hey thanks man, ill defenitely check into that, good stuff.
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    preparation for the field-Haiti

    Hey guys, im a missionary that's going to be moving to Haiti in a few years. I have a 92 ex with 153000 miles, and im planning on preparing it for export to Haiti for my mission work. But, there's a few things I need to do. I've been to Haiti several times, and its pretty rough driving...
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    intake and exhaust

    hey, im looking to put an intake and muffler on my 92 explorer automatic. I'm kinda short on cash, so would maybe a spectre intake and thrush exhaust work?
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    temperature guage not reading

    thanks man ill check that out
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    temperature guage not reading

    I have a 92 explorer 4wd water temperature guage only reads cold, yet my heater heats up fine...could this be the thermostat? everything else works fine