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    cooling system and spark plugs 98explorer 5.0

    Autozone will rent you a pressure tester for a nominal fee (tho a big deposit, so make sure to return it). Take some pics of where you see the leaks (if any) and post to help us help you pinpoint the problem. At what rate are you losing coolant? There are many places coolant can escape and...
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    Broken AWD. Bad Viscous coupler? Bad Driveshaft?

    If you remove the front drive shaft, you are essentially disabling the park feature of your transmission. In other words, the rig will roll forward or backward if left on a hill. Many guys have mentioned that they removed the shaft, went inside for a few, the returned to see their Ex rolling...
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    Hello New member in serious need of help!

    I had both lower control arm ball joints badly wear on my '96 5.0. There were no obvious symptoms beforehand, but they were pretty sloppy and loose once removed. There is a simple test you can perform with the Ex jacked from the front cross-member (with no load on the side you plan to test)...
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    New guy need help please

    What's a 'shootin bus' ? It sounds sinister. Have your DTC codes read with an OBD2 reader. That may help explain the CEL. Which engine/drivetrain do you have?
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    Belt Noise

    the bearings on any of the pulleys involved may go bad. Some guys squirt some penetrating lube into one at a time until the sound goes away. Then they know the culprit. I had one go bad and so replaced them all (the bearings on a 5.0's pulleys are all available aftermarket cheap---10x for $25 on...
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    Is this a problem? [pics]

    I'm guessing rear seal. Mine has weeped for 100k miles. Can be a bit smelly once it drips onto exhaust pipes. Wipe it clean and monitor regularly to make sure it doesn't get worst.
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    1998 Moutaineer Transfer Case Problem

    Sooo, you had a flat in the (right rear?) and now are experiencing problems in the (right front?). Could you possibly have hit something?
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    1998 Moutaineer Transfer Case Problem

    That's the front differential. The front wheels connect to the front half-shafts, that connect to the front differential that has the front driveshaft connected in the rear that connects to the transfer case under the drivers seat. Get a Haynes manual as a good start. Smoke from right...
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    1997 Explorer AWD Front Drive Shaft

    there's a guy on this site named Eric that also sells new shafts at a discount. I acquired mine form him a couple yeas back and service was excellent. Not sure he's still around (ericautopart). If you wanna rebuild, the bearings for the front of the shaft can be had many places. Once apart...
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    What part is this?

    You should be able to find that at an auto parts store. Call first. Remove the part and have a friend drive you to the store. DON'T drive your Ex without coolant.
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    Metallic sound while coasting

    From my experience, removing the front drive shaft will make the sound go away. HOWEVER, it will not necessarily identify the front drive shaft as the problem. CAUTION: Removing the front driveshaft will allow the car to roll while in park...and the e-brake on these rigs are prone to...
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    Over heat!!

    If the leak is new (haven't been seeing puddles before) and catastrophic, I would certainly check the hoses to/from the radiator first. The coolant could be everywhere because it's leaking near the fan and being sprayed. Don't run the engine without coolant. You won't like the results. If...
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    Wierd noise when accelerating?

    so you're saying you don't hear it when revving the engine in park?
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    Front end cluck

    Do you also get the sound when going over large bumps that compress the speed bumps? If so, check your front stabilizer bar bushings and end-links. If these are shot, the bar can move under various loads, making creaks, groans, clunks, etc.
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    Wierd noise when accelerating?

    I hear that snake is still missing in New York !!! Year/Engine? Maybe try operating the throttle while under the hood to get a better clue.
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    Front End Shaking

    not at all. Here is a link to one at Harbor Freight (tho they claim they are on backorder) Look at the picture on the page of the magnetic mount for how it can be implemented. How the device works is the long...
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    Front End Shaking

    possibly warped hub assemblies? I purchased new Timkens (considered the best) last year and one was ridiculously warped (runout was .06" when spec is .003" warped. It was exchanged for a properly built hub. You can acquire a dial indicator from someone like Harbor Freight for a few bucks.
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    Belt Tensioner Removal - 96 5.0

    If DIY is your bag, you can replace the bearings in the idlers for a fraction of the cost of the pulleys themselves. You can get 10x for under $30 on Amazon...(6203VVC3 replacing 6203-2RS)
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    I cant find the antifreeze leak V8 96 (pics)

    Oops! I guess you can remove the crankshaft seal without removing the front cover (hence the flange on the front for 'prying') BUT, that is not your (only) problem...the front cover is leaking. Best to get all the repairs done once you're that deep into the front. Be real careful not to twist...
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    I cant find the antifreeze leak V8 96 (pics)

    Kamil, the front cover seal that you are looking for is included in the FelPro gasket kit. It looks similar to #2692 listed above. There seems no reason to order the seal separate from the gasket kit as you'll need to replace the gaskets EVERY time you pull the front cover to replace the seal...
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    Thermostat Housing Coolant leak (picture)

    Yep, replace the gasket (apply a light coat of permatex blue). Note also that the bolts holding the housing are low torque and can work themselves loose. I had the same problem recently and just that little bit of coolant smelled to high heaven.
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    Drive Train noise

    My '96 has the same issues. I replaced the front driveshaft and that didn't solve the problem. I dropped the front diff, cracked 'er open and tested the gear interface with 'cream'. Like new. While the driveshaft was out, however, I drove the car as a test. It drove smooth as silk with no...
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    5.0 Gas Mileage Problem.

    You sure your "ultra-gauge" is correctly calculating the mileage? Test THAT with the tried and true method of filling the tank, reset the trip meter, drive some, refill again, calculate.
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    replace water pump on a 1996

    No Need to remove any of the listed items to get to the water pump. Gotta remove the serpentine belt and the cooling fan tho. Access is made much easier by removing the radiator. Get a Haynes manual. They document the procedure reasonably well.