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    Wiring Subwoofer into stock sound system

    Thanks -did you have to use a wiring harness of some kind to convert speaker to line level? (I'm learning just enough to use jargon without a clue!)
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    Wiring Subwoofer into stock sound system

    I have a 1998 XLT with the in-dash CD player, but without a "stock" subwoofer (so it's not the "premium" sound system. I want to install a Bazooka powered subwoofer in the back. Does anyone know if the 1998 head unit has additional connections on the back to go to the sub (for sound, not...
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    Bilsteins with Warrior Shackles?

    Has anyone found Bilsteins that will work with the Warrior Shackle mod, that is, are long enough to handle the added 1-1/2" of travel created by the Warrior mod? For a '98 XLT.
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    Anybody Have Rancho RS9000's with Torsion Twist

    Is anybody running RS9000s on the front end with the torsion twist? I understand the RS9000s are not rated for longer than stock shock length, thus may not work with the additional 1-1/2" to 2" of lift created by the torsion twist?
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    Cam ChainTensioner Replacement

    Cam Chain Tensioner Once again this site pays dividends! I've got my truck scheduled for the service next week, (hopefully) eliminating a major worry for me about long-term durability! What a great resource we have here. Thanks!
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    Improving Front Suspension Performance on '98

    Help me oh wise ones..... I'm looking for input on resolving the underwhelming front suspension performance on my 1998 4WD. After a weekend trip (Plaster City for you So Cal/AZ people)with tons of whoop-dee-doos, I've decided that the front end is just too soft on compression and too fast on...
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    Cam ChainTensioner Replacement

    Three questions for those who've had the work done since Ford sent the letters, etc: 1. I haven't gatten a letter but know I need the work done on the cam chain tensioner - how can I check to see if my truck "qualifies" 2. Does the engine just have to make the cam chain noise we all know and...
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    Safe Substitute for Ford Torsion Bar Tool?

    Homemade Torsion Bar Removal Tool I did the torsion removal replacement last weekend thanks to inspiration from Gerald! My modified gear puller worked like a charm, with a little help from the stock bottle jack. I used two metal "repair strips" (which look like half of a large door hinge)...
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    Safe Substitute for Ford Torsion Bar Tool?

    Anybody have any tips on a safe way to use a gear puller instead of the Ford tool for removing/installing a torsion bar? The Haynes Manual clearly states the puller must have jaws that can be "locked" into position so they won't spread under load. I have been unsuccessful locating such a puller...
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    Firestone: Anybody get reimbursed yet?

    Reimbursement Check was waiting when I got home last night - full refund ($498) for the 5 BFG 31's x 10.5s. About 2-1/2 weeks total wait time from submitting paperwork to receiving check.
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    Towing Hitches & Warrior Shackles

    I noted in another post someone couldn't install Warrior Shackles due to their existing towing hitch interfering. Any of you guys running Warrior Shackles have a hitch that fits so I can avoid this problem when purchasing a hitch in the future? If so can you give me specifics on hitch make and...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    Tire Fitment 31 x 10.5 Withers: Weird about your fit problem. No, I just have an XLT too, but a '98. Perhaps when they updated the bumper (to round foglamps) they changed the bumper style somehow? I haven't had any rub, though worst test to date has been Pismo Beach, and not in the dunes...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    Tire Size Question OCDesigns Hi OCdesigns: I assume you have a 96+ Explorer. I looked at every post on this site I could find on tire fitment, having had the same concern you do about fit. I concluded that it is not an issue based on the information and photos I found. I also "figured...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    New Tires Hi Withers: They look great! What a difference in appearance! Hope things work out for you, 'cause you'll love them. We have noted on road driving that the brakes seem to work a little harder to bring the truck to a stop and the ride is more truck-like than before. No noticeable...
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    Warrior Shackle Concern

    Grade 8 Shackle Bolts Any thoguht on where to purchase 9/16" x 5" grade 8 bolts & nuts? Would an auto parts store stock these sizes, or a Home Depot?
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    tire exchange You might try calling a Discount Tire or America's Tire and see what they say. The one I went to is on Avalon in Carson, CA
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    Warrior Shackles used with Helper Springs

    I just ordered my Warrior Shackles from Desert Rat. I currently run Hellwig EZ-550 helper springs on top of the stock leaf springs. These are the "overload" style single leaf helper springs that engage only under heavy payload or towing to help keep the truck level. They bolt on top of the...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    BFGs in Firestone Recall Sorry, been out of town. I did the deal at Discount Tire on August 8th before the recall was announced. They gave me about $40 credit per tire at the time, then later upped it to about $50 per tire based on further info given to them by Firestone. Now, as...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    31 x 10.5 Well I read every post I could find on the topic of upsizing prior to making the plunge. I just did this this morning and drove less than 5 miles to work so the jury's out, but based on feedback of those here who have done this upsize awhile ago, I've concluded that any degredation...
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    Just Exchanged"Firestones for BFGs at Discount Tire

    FYI: This morning I went to local Discount Tire Store location and turned in the Firestones. With about 16K miles on the Firestones, they gave me $40 credit per tire (their retail on new Firestones is about $60). The 31 x 10.5 BFG A/T KO's went on without a hitch ('98 XLT 4 x 4)...