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    help! with interior light problem

    Ok so my dash light, ac/heat control lights, power outlet and cig lighter do not work. When I bought the suv it didn't have the owners book in it so I don't know what fuse controls those can someone help thanks
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    95 explorer 4.0 swaping to 5.0

    the main thing im worried about is the axle! can anyone give me as much info on that as they can why wont the 4.0 axle work?
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    95 explorer 4.0 swaping to 5.0

    Ok so since the 4.0 is 2wd already and the 5.0 I'm putting in is out of a 2wd I still need to get a new driveshaft the factory one from the 4.0 will not work?
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    95 explorer 4.0 swaping to 5.0

    ok so i have a few questions im swapping my 95 explorer sport 4.0 5spd to a 5.0 automatic. beofre i start on the swap i want to make sure i have everything i need to complete the swap. i have the motor wiring harness and computer. i got motor mounts on the way. Will the tranny bolt right up to...