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    rubbing noise and vibration

    My 99 makes a rubbing noise ocassionally, not all the time from what seems to be near the front left wheel. I can feel a vibration thru the steering wheel when it happens. I can't figure out if its a wheel bearing or a cv joint or what it could be. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    ABS problem

    Hey Everyone, I just replaced the calipers and pads and bled the system and things work find except when I crawl to a stop the abs kicks on and the pedal pulsates. I hope its not the Masters cylinder. Thanks, Dave
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    anti lock brake problem

    I have a 99 explorer that when I'm going very slow and go to stop the anti lock brakes engage. The pedal pulsates a little an the truck creeps to a stop. I just replaced the calipers and pads and bled the lines. Is there something I'm missing here with the ABS system or do I need a new Masters...
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    Leaking antifreeze behind the front right tire when the motor is cold.

    Hi everyone, I have a little coolant problem. For a while I could smell antifreeze when I got out of my truck but could never see any leaking. Recently when I only drove about 6 miles I got out and saw cooant leaking behind the right front tire about a foot in towards the center of the motor. My...