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    Refractor LED 194 Bulbs

    Still in the box it arrived in waiting for more input. Anyone??
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    Brake Job time

    Hey Guys, my front brakes are screaming at me to replace them NOW!!! I know my front rotors are toast I can feel when you feather the brakes at speed so now it's the time to replace pads and rotors. I would like to go with something nicer than stock of course. My Explorer is mainly DD with...
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    Refractor LED 194 Bulbs

    While reading (and watching a movie with the wife) I purchased a Sport Trac Cluster. I would like to replace all the bulbs before I install it, do I replace all the 194 bulbs only? I like to go with led's as some of you guys have done. Do you still recommend led's? Do you guys know what...
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    Interior Door Handles

    Hi, I like the idea of installing a l.e.d by the handle where can I tap for power. Pics if you have done it please.
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    got my saleen style wing.

    What are you saying???
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    got my saleen style wing.

    I still want one!!!! So no one thinks of making them to sell, I would buy one and I'm sure so would a bunch of guys. There has to be a glass expert among us who can duplicate the Saleen wing or make more of these Sedona ones. I will keep subscribed to this thread in hopes. I know I can make...
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    How to: How To: Drivers Exterior Door Handle Replacement

    Great write up, on eBay the door handles are like $25 dollars delivered but if Ford gives it to you painted and my truck is 7 years old I will go with the Ford item. I have one more problem, when I open with the key pad the door pin does not pup up all the way, sometimes yes and sometimes...
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    Best tire for gas mileage

    O.k. a quick question, what information do you guys use when you use a site like Tire Rack, I mean you can't use 2000 Ford Explorer, it just about shuts down your computer if you enter that. It's like having the pleage. :exp:
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    Best tire for gas mileage

    I had the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV on my 2000 and I got 50K and they did not pass inspection after that, maybe I'm rough on my tires??? This is a great thread, appreciate any info as I'm thinking of replacing my tires soon.
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    Is it the Tires or the Rims??? Help

    So if it's uneven tire wear balancing them won't solve my problem right?
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    Is it the Tires or the Rims??? Help

    Hey Guys, I need your help on this wheel/tire problem I own a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4, it came with teardrop wheels. I bought a set of wheels that according to some research should fit on my Exp. I did not buy them for the tires as I was expecting to buy tires anyhow and the ones that...
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    Welcome!!!! I love the forum, and check it regularly, everyone is friendly and helpful. Enjoy
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    2000 Explorer -Best tire for N. East

    Hey Guys, I'm searching through tons of good info on this, but in the meantime any one with good feedback I would appreciate. Stock Explorer 2000, it came with 235 75 15, now I picked up some nice 2004 Sport Track with 255 70 16 rims, one of the tires seems to have a problem as it makes a...
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    New pics....lowered, 20's, aviator mirrors, etc...

    Very nice Aaron, I just bought the same scoop of eBay, did you glue it, or bolt it?? Does it make any howling noises? did you block the opening, I'm thinking of making a fake cover or something if not all we have is a air trap. Great truck buddy, enjoy.
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    ExplorerSport77's X "Hotness"

    Hey Tara, two things, make that three things to bring tear to my eyes, the flag flying so free, that wing in the back of your Ex, and a Woman that likes cars/trucks!!! I put new wheels on my explorer over a week now and my wife has not noticed. GRRRRRR:mad:
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    How to set up singature, garage, avatar etc?

    Hello, not that new here but I still don't know how to set up my garage, avatar, signature etc. I'm sure this has been answered before. If someone would be as kind as to point me to the thread on this I looked and could not find it. Thanks:exp: As you can see I was messing with the...
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    design a rear deflector

    Thanks guys, I have thought of going to the junkyard with measuring tape on hand and see what might fit but after Davids write up I guess the Kia Sedona Wing is the way to go. Has anyone else done anything like that with another manufacturers wing??? Don I think you should just sell me your...
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    got my saleen style wing.

    Hi, man I like your work, I was thinking I might make myself one, wondering how or with what did you cut the wing?? Chop saw with fine teeth?? Thank you :exp:
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    Rear spoiler

    Looks like I will be going back to the auto show with a tape measure!!!
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    design a rear deflector

    Thanks MONMIX, I guess old idea once around again I want a X Wing for my Explorer.... I feel like an idiot for not buying one when I had the chance from Explorer Express, but it was like $250 +. Had a look at your X very nice buddy, I copied a couple of your pics for inspiration.
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    Rear spoiler

    Hi, so the one in the pic is that your truck with a Saturn View wing??? I was wondering if anyone tried one of the many wings out there, Toyotas all have wings, even the Ford Windstar now has a wing...
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    design a rear deflector

    Hi, I'm not familiar with this wing do you have specs or the name it goes under year of explorer etc. I have been looking on ebay and not sure if its the one i saw before. Thanks
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    Found a new wheel/rim at Rim-Zone

    Hey Guys, I just found this new rim and I'm pretty excited, have a look. I know it may bore the 22" crowd but I"m very concerned with keeping as close to stock size as possible. These are affordable, I'm sure made in China dropped shipped to my house for Free!!! Rim-Zone on ebay has...
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    What Plugs And Wires To Use?

    Hey Man, I was thinking same as you I see no one responded what did you end up using and what results? Thanks
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    Can anyone in New Jersey say Cobra R's?

    Hey Likuid, Man those look hot, I want to get the same wheels for my 2000 xlt. Tell me about spacers, offset etc please. And how bad did your mpg go with the new wheels???