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    e12a box

    It is $h!t, and deserves a better home. Send the box and sub to ... :D
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    e12a box

    Looks fine to me. To get 1.5 cubes tuned to 30 with any descent port area it would need to be very long.
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    e12a box

    I would reverse that order though. ed=spl re=sq :D
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    e12a box

    What are the specs on that box?
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    Little busy lately; custom box in the making

    That box is sealed right? Upon first glance I thought you had some kind of stealth port in the back :D
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    RE 12" x.. or 12" Magnum D2

    My 15xxx box is 4 cubes with 70 square inches or port tuned to 35 :D I suggest the x...
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    Human hearing is most sensitive to midrange, ie human voice. At low volumes we can not hear bass, and treble as well as the midrange. Loudness boosts the bass and treble at low volumes so what we hear will be more even. As volume increases the boost is removed.
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    Worlds smallest sub

    Re: yea And you only have 2 pics :D Too bad it won't fit in the dumax. I wonder what the inductance is :eek:
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    Worlds smallest sub

    That is Richard Clark. I have been looking for pics of his 60 inch sub. Those are the best I have seen. That sub metered at 161db at 20hz if I remember correctly. I don't know how far the mic was from the sub, but even at the reference 1 meter that is impressive. :D
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    Worlds smallest sub

    I don't see anything :( hehe, popped up after I posted :D
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    Need opinions/have questions on 12W7 and JL 500.1

    There is no loss of sq going ported. Here is the box I did for a friend. w7
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    Need opinions/have questions on 12W7 and JL 500.1

    IMO, I would get the 12w7 and a jbl1200.1. That tiny box is going to kill output, so give it as much power as you can. If you really want to go with a small amp, build a larger box and port it. I built a ported enclosure for a 10w7 that previously was in a sealed box. It was power by a 500/1...
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    The Box II

    Oh my!!! You are a sick man. I like it :D I just did the math. That is over 20 cubes :)
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    What to do to upgrade system? RE x.. 12?

    She might want better sq with her spl.
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    What to do to upgrade system? RE x.. 12?

    You did not give alot of specs on what your current box is, and what you plan to build for the x... The 12xxx in ported enclosure will easily outperform the sealed subs in the subbass range. Easiest way to confirm is to plot your current subs, and then plot the 12xxx and look at the...
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    22" lcd recommendations (lets make this explorer ICE)

    Sony has a 22" widescreen lcd tv that is $1500.:D I ran into an 18" normal aspect ratio lcd that could be used as a monitor or tv. I think it was made by viewsonic. Might be nice if you plan on doing a computer in car thing.
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    What subs should I get?

    What about DD? A sub is like a car engine. It is all about the install. Some subs have better characteristics for a certain type of install, but you can alter that alot with the installation done. As far as competition, I am not surprised. Everyone's grandma has a w7, or kicker L7 :D A pure...
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    Resonant Engineering

    I always thought of DD as more of a cult :D
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    Some wiring q's

    The fade/balance controls will control the preamp outputs. Most headunits have front/rear/sub preamp outputs. As far as the fuse I would not worry. You may not be able to blow it. It is difficult to get full power into midrange when crossed over above the sub range. 200 watts into 4 midranges...
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    What Does Everyone Think of Refurbished Amps?

    Are you getting the new warranty or some warranty? As said before it depends if the factory did the work or not.
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    Some wiring q's

    snobrder986, Keep the 8 gauge run to the amps as short as possible. Try to get the distro closer to the large amp if possible. At 20' 100 amps will give you a .5 volt drop. .5 volt drop is the standard normally used for determining if wiring is sufficient. You are probably close to 1400(100...
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    Is it worth it?

    I don't know exactly what you are buying. All alpine can be an nice, or middle of the road system. But it should sound better than the stock mach 8 system. Especially once you get a custom sub enclosure done. It can improve the resale value if you sale it with the system. Regardless buy the...
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    Some random system questions...

    I normally try my sub in every feasible direction, and pick the one I liked the best.
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    Resonant Engineering

    What did you not like about the RE subs? Which one did you get? Personally I don't consider anything said about RE hype, since they are not paying the hundreds of people that own their subs to praise them. Personally I don't consider ~$400 dollars for a sub to be a bargain. Anyway, I own a...