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    5.0 Fuel pressure test gauge?

    Starting in 99MY Ford did not use the return fuel rail back to the tank..The operational fuel pressure for the return fuel rail systems pre-99 model year was 35-43 psi depending on vacuum at the fuel pressure regulator where the 99 through 01 possibly 02 in the Explorer Sport was 62-73 psi...and...
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    5.0 Fuel pressure test gauge?

    I ran my electric fuel pressure gauge to a gauge pod mounted on my A-pillar...I ran the wires from the sensor to the firewall and up to the gauge and the power leads to an ignition source and the light to a powered lead for the lights... I will attach pics from my V8 Ranger but it is similar to...
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    Attach fuel pressure gauge. Adapter needed? How? Tricks?

    I bought an Autometer electric fuel pressure gauge years ago and removed the schrader valve out and attached the sensor to the fitting...Mounted it to an A pillar gauge pod with oil pressure and voltmeter to keep me informed of the condition of fuel and oil pressures...My gas tank was rusty and...
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    A/C Manifold Gauge Readings - Do these look OK?

    High side pressure looks good 2.3x ambient temp...Low side in good range no clogs in the system... Vent temps look good and your compressor will like you for oiling it right, getting the system dry as possible and charging it right...You did well!!! Congrats on the nice vent temps as well...I...
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    A/C Manifold Gauge Readings - Do these look OK?

    Check out for lots of a/c stuff...I learned from a genius mechanic decades ago first with R-12 then with R134a to understand the properties of AC and what to look for. Anyway I have always measured ambient at the front of the condenser with the doors and windows closed and the fan...
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    A/C Manifold Gauge Readings - Do these look OK?

    Where did you measure your ambient temp? If the temp was near the condenser core I would say you are in good range of 2.3-2.7x ambient temp for your high side...I would close your windows as the heated air will raise your low side since it is adding heat load to the evaporator as it is trying to...
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    Used Fed engine into Cali Body?

    I have a California spec engine in my 99 Sport...The only difference I found was the injectors in the engine...I had 14 lb/hr injectors and swapped them for 19 lb/hr injectors and it ran rich as hell...Bought a new set of 14 lb/hr injectors and the engine ran like its old normal self... Even...
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    03 Explorer Sport XLT - Alernator still not charging after replacing 3 times in 5 days

    Bet your battery light blew out and the circuit is not providing voltage to the charge circuit...It has to turn on with the key on engine off to make the alternator charge when the engine is running...Change your battery bulb and the alternator should charge 14-16 volts at the battery positive...
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    Under Carriage Pictures

    Are you looking for 2wd or 4 wd?
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    So what the heck is this?

    That is one end of the low-reverse band that should be attached to the band...You will need to disassemble the tranny to replace the band to fix this issue unfortunately...
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    A/C Question High Side Low , Low Side High!

    Ambient temp of 86.5 should give a high side of 199-234 psi... Low side is irrevalent since compressor is not on long enough...Add a few ounces of refrigerant and bring the high side up then watch the vent temps...If the compressor, orifice tube, and cooling fan are in decent shape the vent...
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    AC clutch only engages with jumped low pressure switch

    Find your refrigerant leak...Somewhere in your a/c system you have an oily section of hose,fitting, or rusty accumulator if you are lucky...Or the evaporator is leaking if you are not lucky...And borrow the proper tools if you can't buy them... Running a leaky system will starve it for oil...
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    cracked heads are off, can I save my bottom end?

    I am using those heads currently and have had no issues with them at all... The liquid in the bores is cleaning fluid; a combination of kerosene, Dawn liquid dish soap, and WD-40... When I bought this truck the oil pump didn't work so I dropped the pan and found there was solid sludge filling...
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    cracked heads are off, can I save my bottom end?

    Hope this info is not too late for your project...Heads I used on my 99 Sport...NEW 4.0 FORD CYLINDER HEADS W/ GASKET SET & HEAD BOLTS 1995 - 2001 FREE SHIPPING | eBay Lifters for your X...Lash Adjusters Lifters Fits 90-00 Ford Explorer Ranger Mazda B4000 4.0L OHV 12v | eBay I bought my X...
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    Loss of oil pressure.

    Did I miss which engine your truck has in it? If it is the SOHC then plastic fragments in the oil pump are probable; if it is the OHV not so much and the engine still starts and runs... If you drop the pan in either case I would recommend a new oil pump and oil pump pickup in hand to replace...
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    1998 5.0 problem. Need ideas.

    When you change the fuel filter and/or look in the tank if you see anything like the pics below you should just change the tank because you will not ever get the rust to stop forming inside the tank...I had the tank boiled out and coated with POR-15, then I even bought a "good used" tank...The...
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    Bogging Down Accelerating

    When I first started driving my Explorer with a rusty tank I could not go more than 300-500 miles without changing the fuel filter if i wanted to run at speed...I mounted an electric fuel pressure gauge and could watch the pressure drop as the miles went by... I cleaned it numerous times and...
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    Stutter at higher speeds

    Have you replaced the fuel pump filter yet??? A clogged filter will drop the pressure like a weak or dying fuel pump...I would change that if you haven't in 30 k miles or so first before I drop the tank and replace a possible good pump...
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    Stuttering in gear.

    Question for ya: What brought the injector work in the first place??? If it was doing the same thing or worse before then you have more work to do...The non return line fuel system is not finicky...It just needs a sufficient supply of fuel to run properly...A partially clogged fuel filter will...
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    Oh Crud!! A/C took a dump

    Rent a vehicle and make your drive..Then look at the system and see what blew up...Could just be a clutch that died...And the refrigerant system could be fine...The smell could be something other than the refrigerant leaking out inside...If it leaked inside the evaporator core could be leaking...
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    99 Explorer 4.0 ohv hydrolocking & fuel pump pressure?

    I have an Autometer electric fuel pressure gauge on my A pillar to monitor fuel pressure on my 99 and I can tell you it has run on 30 psi of fuel pressure...It wasn't happy as acceleration was lousy but it would go under light throttle...I could also tell when the fuel filter was clogging up...
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    ebay cylinder heads

    My 99 Sport is a Calif spec vehicle and I used these heads on it when I built a new engine for it... Heads are new and work just fine on my rig...NEW 4.0 FORD RANGER BRONCO EXPLORER AEROSTAR MAZDA B4000 LATE CYLINDER HEADS | eBay
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    A few ac questions.

    The one thing no one mentioned is the pressure relief valve in the compressor...If your high side pressure gets too high it will open to reduce the pressure in the system and then close to protect what is left...Your system is running near the top end pressure-wise at 210 psi @ 80 F... I would...
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    how do I figure out how much oil to add to ac system on recharge?

    Did some research on RedTek....Are you using Redtek 12a? If you are the conversion for R-134a is here....RED TEK - Technical Information Looks like you need to use LESS RedTek than R-134a to have the similar cooling...I was wrong assuming that RedTek molecules are smaller than R-134a and you...
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    how do I figure out how much oil to add to ac system on recharge?

    This is what I would do... 1. Change the oil in your vacuum pump before you use it... 2. Verify the accumulator is still sealed up tight... 3. Blow out the condenser with compressed air so there is no oil left inside the condenser. 4. Replace all the o-rings in the system even the ones that you...