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    Help w/ head gasket, plz!

    Intake gaskets are not hard to do, nor do they take a lot of time
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    5r55e reverse servo not straight?

    Does the cover for it fit correctly?
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    seloniod #3

    See if this helps Item Part Number Description 1 7F037 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Assembly 2 7G484 Coast Clutch Solenoid Assembly 3 7G484 Shift Solenoid 2 Assembly 4 7H144 EPC Solenoid Assembly 5 7G484 Shift Solenoid 1 Assembly 6 7G484 Shift Solenoid 3 Assembly CAUTION: SS3 may pop out...
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    seloniod #3

    I found this: 641 O Shift Solenoid 3 (SS3) Circuit Failure. DTC 641 Shift Solenoid 3 circuit failure. This is a shift solenoid within the Transmission on the valve body. you might be able to get at it once the pan is dropped. Solenoids in transmissions usually aren't too hard to change, just...
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    Dash issues...

    Speedometers don't connect to the other gauges. It is driven off of the VSS. The VSS should have 2 channels, one goes to the speedometer and the other feeds the PCM. It seems that on every make / model the speedometer side is the one that always goes out first. A new VSS is about $10 on the...
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    Hard to move out of Park when cold

    If you can remove the cable for the button you could see about maybe cleaning it with some electrical parts cleaner, spray it in the ends and slide the cable back and forth in the housing. Then blow out with compressed air and lube it with some thin lithium grease. It may be the cold is making...
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    fuse box & fuses

    I have a question about the fuses in a 1999 explorer 4.0L SOHC. Was there more than one power distribution box for that year? I am asking because the only diagram I can find is this one. The second row of large fuses are for adaptive suspension, suspension module, 4WD and PCM. The Exolorer my...
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    2000 Eddie Bauer Ed - How to put Window Up ?

    Try swapping switches if you can. It may be that the switch is broken internally
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    Fixed. I was removing the 25A fuse, supposed to be #19 (couldn't open the door all the way to see it) Seems someone put a 25A in #23 which should be 15A. #19 had apparently fallen out and #19 supplies power to the diode. I was going to check for power at 19 when I discovered that #19 was now...
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    Lighter has power. Checked those fuses yesterday and again with a meter, all good. Just replaced the ignition switch, no change. Do you happen to know where the PCM relay diode gets power from? I THOUGHT Auto Zone had the schematics for the Explorer but they don't. Also disconnected the PCM...
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    Yeah, the fuseable links were replaced with those huge fuses in the box. Some places the still call them fuse links.
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    Ok. I have found that the PCM power diode doesn't have power going to it. I was able to jump out the power side of the relay and now the PCM has power (CEL comes on) and the scanner connects to the PCM and says no fault codes but the engine still won't start (just cranks). Anyone happen to know...
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    First thing, then the relay swap. I do believe my next step is tracing power from the fuse box towards the PCM., just need the pinouts for that large square connector. Failing that I guess I can remove the fuse box and trace the wires from the relay to the connector. Either a wire is broken or...
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    It has the 4.0 SOHC. The pinouts for 96 should be the same. I don't have a manual for the vehicle and really the only thing I would need a manual for are the wiring diagrams which I can find on line, just not the connector pinouts. Thanks
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    Solved No CEL & no start.

    My son has a 1999 SOHC Explorer and today he stopped the truck and shut it off and tried to restart it. It wouldn't start, just cranked over. The CEL was working at that time. Now when the key is turned on there is no CEL and it just cranks and cranks and the scan tool can't link. It has good...