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    temp gauge

    2007 ford explorer 4.0 xlt 4x4. I know there are man many threads about temp gauges but I can't read them all. I just replaced Radiator Full thermostat housing. Temp Sensor. Water pump not leaking acording to mechanic. Fan Clutch is also fine. Occasionally I will be starting to accelerate and as...
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    Burping noise

    I have a 2007 explorer v6 4.0 when i am driving and slow down or come to a stop I hear a burping sound. It may be the struts or springs or shocks but to me it sounds more in the engine area. Could be air as engine slows not sure. I am not real mechanical. There is no loss in performance no...
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    4th Gen Explorer Pictures

    Just a few taken while doing off road rescue in nevada. I am soon going to level lift and add new tires. Will post more as I do my project.
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    Explorer used to be an Emeergency vehicle?

    Look for a headlight flasher in possibly your fuse box in engine compartment or under dash could look like this. Or similar.
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    4th Gen Explorer Pictures

    Was going to post a picture of my ride in the desert but I can not download attachments. I like some of the lifted Ex's and was hoping to do that to mine.