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    97 xlt stalling

    It happens in both drive and reverse. Thanks, i will check into all of those things.
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    97 xlt stalling

    bump, please help i need to figure this out soon as i am driving down to florida from philadelphia and dont want it to become a major problem.
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    97 xlt stalling

    i have a 1997 xlt 4.0 v6 sohc (automatic). i was recently parallel parking my car and in drive and reverse i would rev the car up in drive to about 1500 and then the rpms would drop down below 200 and stalls. This happened 3 or 4 times. I was told this wasnt a pcv valve problem or MAFS...
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    tail light tint

    boo flames. nice tint
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    wont idle steadily.. tries to die

    i've had this problem for over 2 years. not plugs, not iac, not battery, not alternator. my heat does click sometimes... but here's a new one, try this: when your truck's idling in park, rev it to 2 grand really quick and then just stop revving it. my truck shuts off. it wont die...
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    MTX Thunderform owners....

    you have to seal off anywhere that air gets through too. the main problem i have is the back hatch rattle... short of expandable foaming your entire back hatch, it is hard to stop the wiper motor and opening mechanism from rattling. i tried with foam tape and the sort... still not helping.
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    Replacing my factory unit

    you need 2 harnesses i think. and im guessing you need to wire your accessory to the harness because you don't have constant power to your head unit (ie the car has to be on to use the radio?) if not... im confused :(
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    96 XLT 6 Disc Issue

    i dont have a clarion changer, but when my kenwood did that. i would take the cartridge out, turn my car off, turn my car back on, replace cartridge, and it worked. hopefully that will help! oh yah i just remembered. i fixed that problem by getting a new interface cable (mine got pinched...
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    Rear speakers acting up

    your center console (the thing with the armrest?) had a plug/wires??
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    Sub boxes under back seat?

    subs under seats sound terrible. build a stealth box, you'll enjoy it more.
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    Somebody help, removed rear sub to replace it and now rear door speakers nor sub work

    you could have shorted the amp that's powering it? i've done it before if the + lead touches the chassis when the car is on or touches another lead, it could short your amp. And usually, subs are run on the rear channels, so maybe that could be the problem?
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    I'm building a false floor

    the 8w0's have less then 1.5" excursion i think. So u should be fine. Check the specs of the subs to make sure.
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    3 JL 12W0's - no amp

    i used foam tape and wedged in to stop the moving parts from rattling. Also, seal any places where air can get through. And finally, no excuse for license plate rattles
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    DB Drag

    i missed the one by me cuz i didnt have a sub amp :( mine blew. Just got a hifonics 2005. ready to hit 150+
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    speaker vibration help needed..

    put it directly behind the speaker. Also try dynomating around the door opening mechanism. You can also seal off anywhere air can get out or anything with moving parts. That should stop your rattling.
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    DB Drag

    hit up i hit 145.6 with 2 12's
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    box work.

    i'd suggest cuttiing foam flames and then covering the box in vinyl.
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    Question on a Good Amp for my 6x8's

    hey man, here's what i would do: No need for an amp with that setup if you get a good set of components. I suggest infinity kappa 6x8 comps. if you do amp: i suggest an audiobahn amp... cheap and VERY GOOD (dont hate abahn makes good amps too) the kappa tweeters are really bright and...
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    Quick Question About Subs

    did u break the subs in before u pushed them? Unless ur overpowering them... i dont see how they would wear out like that.. especially JL subs. They shouldn't wear out that easily.
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    HALLOWEEN is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

    damn, i wanna go, but i dunno for how long i can stay, i havent driven my X in a month cuz of college :-/ im down for it though
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    "The Poor Man Project"

    hum.. how do u get them to shine like ur car paint? they look kinda dull.. but man, good work i could never do that
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    Do I have a ground loop problem?

    yah, if your ground is grounded to a screw with paint on it, or chassis paint, u will have to sand down the paint so its metal on metal. That's y your getting a pop when u turn it on/off.
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    HELP!!! no audio after install

    i thinking one of ur harnesses is bad so the corrected wires do not match up with the right speaker wires. Only other thing i can think of is that u bought the wrong harness that goes into ur head unit? im really at a loss, this has never happened to me
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    Have you been pulled over for loud music?

    now im sad :( i sorry dennis... i dont want hearing problems :( I also play drums so always have loud noises everyday for at least an hour when im practicing... and marching band... thats killer :) Hope you young hooligans learn something!!! *goes back to school*
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    Do I have a ground loop problem?

    did yuo run your rca's on the other side of your power wire? That could be a problem with it picking up engine noise from your power wire. Also, i odnt think its a ground loop otherwise it either wouldnt turn on, or when you turned it on/off there would be a pop noise.