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    help with a coil creak please

    I did remove the isolator but I also did replace it. It does appear to be in poor shape but did not make noise before removal and cleaning. As far as properly seated it appears to be in the correct location as near as I can tell. I drove the ex. about 40 to 50 km after the radius arm job, but...
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    help with a coil creak please

    I recently replaced the radius arm bushings on my 94 ex. and after reassembly I have a creak that appears to be coming from the coils spring on both sides. I have disconnected the swaybar and shock and used a jack to cycle the suspension and the noise persists. However if I pull the coil and...
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    Need help to find driveline noise/vibes

    Recently I sarted to notice a humming or droning noise when on the highway. It seems to occur at about 100km/h plus. It is quite audible, easily heard over road noise or wind outside. At first I was sure it was coming from the front of the ex, now I'm not so sure. The noise can be heard easily...
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    What is Battery life ?

    Recently I got a flat while I was out Chrstmas shopping and when I took the ex to the tire shop they did a free inspection and said that although my battery was fully charged my battery life was at almost zero. What does this mean? Do I need a new battery? Glen
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    exhaust leak

    Lead gasket must be available When I replaced my exhaust with a Flowmaster high flow cat and cat back exhaust both places where they joined were sealed with lead gaskets, they were part of the kit so I installed them both. It's been a year now with a LOT of off road time and no leaks for me. Glen
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    Would bad spark plug wires cause this? 96 explorer 4.0

    Change the wires My 94 did the EXACT same thing that yours is. I cleaned the MAF replaced the IAC, replaced the plugs, replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the injectors, tried premium gas, new air filter, retorqued the intake manifold bolts, seafoamed, and aside from a truck that ran great any...
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    What is a normal temp ?

    So nothing to worry about then?, just leave it alone? Glen
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    What is a normal temp ?

    I have a question for those in the know. What is considered a normal temp for an explorer? Now for the background, some time ago my temp guage started moving around all over the place, it would go from the n in normal all the way up to the l in normal and back again. Sometimes it would do this...
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    New shocks w/small lift?

    Thanks for the help as always. Sooo........ lift for now shocks later. Sounds like a plan. Glen
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    New shocks w/small lift?

    I am looking at purchasing the skyjacker 2" lift for my 94ex 4wd. My question is do I need to but new shocks right away due to the new length or will I be O.K. untill funds allow? Glen
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    2wd low range?

    Thanks, both for the advice and a good laugh. Happy trails Glen
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    2wd low range?

    I am wondering if it is possible to use low range without 4wd. It may seem odd but what I want is too be able to use low range for backing up with my trailer hooked up but I don"t need 4wd. I have a 94ex w/manual hubs. my driveway is quite steep but paved and the engine really strains to back...
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    alternator problems

    Unless I miss my guess the voltage regulator is built in to the alternator so you replaced it when you replaced the alternator. The easiest way to check output voltage should be right at the battery with a simple multitester. By the way did you charge your battery BEFORE hooking up the new...
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    Difficulties when starting up

    Often a good place to start is with the trouble codes from the engines computer. Even if the check engine light is not on it may store codes that can give you a place to start. Glen
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    stranded in my driveway

    Have you checked for codes I would start with codes. Even if the CEL is not on the computer can and will store codes. This is a good place to start. Also you should try to make friends with your parts guy. Mine trusts me enough to allow me to return parts if (or more like WHEN) I screw up...
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    cold air intake

    Personally I have not seen a true cold air intake for first gen. explorers but I could be wrong. For a conical airfilter conversion check out Throttle body spacer is a waste of money don't do it. If you really find you need more power try a larger MAF or...
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    Changing Fuel Filter Today...

    Every time I do my fuel filter I have to fight with the tool to disconnect the fuel lines. I put the tool in place, push it in, twist the filter carefully, curse, curse again, give up, try again in a couple of minutes after a :chug: and it will eventually come off. I've done mine a half dozen...
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    missing=bad coil?

    Do you have or have access to a chiltons manual? If you can, get your hands on one they have an excellent section on troubleshooting the entire engine electrical system. Have you also considered the possibility of a bad wire ? Try swapping the wires if you can get one to reach see if it jumps...
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    exhaust installed, ?

    Me too, After first installing my flowmaster I thought something was wrong because it was soo quiet. :thumbdwn: but after about a month WOW what a difference :thumbsup: .Just give it some time... Glen
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    What is the biggest lift I can put on a1993 ex without doing an axel swap

    First off, someone is going to come along and tell you to use the search function or even to look at posts under the suspension category so it might as well be me(search).lol. O.K now that that's over with superlift makes a 5.5" lift for our years ex that more or less is...
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    Need help to get a new motor

    Thanks, After I posted I remembered that the aerostar would have very different motor mounts etc. But at least now we know what to look for. Glen
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    Need help to get a new motor

    Hello all, I have a friend with a "91 4wd eddie bauer ex that is badly in need of a new motor. My question is this...I thought eddie bauer was just a trim/accessory level but they have been told that they need a motor from a 91-93 eddie bauer. Is this bs. I would think that any 91-93 4.0l would...
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    Electric or mechanical gauges

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input as always. Seems electric is the way to go (simple = good ;) ). Glen
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    Electric or mechanical gauges

    I want to add more usefull info to my ex than the stock gauges provide (plus my temp gauge is screwed up). What is my best choice electric or mechanical gauges and why. I was originally thinking mechanical because of the probs with my current temp gauge (stock) but would a quality electric set...
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    Wanted to pass this along

    Doesn't it just kill you, a guy can spend hours or even days in, under, and around your own truck but once in a while a complete stranger can just walk up and tell you what went wrong.Grrr. Anyway, hopefully it's solved now and you can carry on with fun instead of all that head scratching...