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    2014 Ex Sport Front and rear brake job advice needed

    The dealer just told me that my front and rear brakes are worn I need to be replaced I'm wondering which pads I should put ceramic or OEM original do I need to replace the rotors or have them turned what is involved On this particular model? Some cars require new rotors with new pads and some...
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    2014 Ford Explorer Sport in Miami

    2014 Ford Explorer Sport in Miami
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    USB movies on jump drive for DVD headrests?

    My 2014 Explorer Sport came without the invision headrest system. I bought them brand new on eBay sealed. I did the install myself ( I'm a aircraft avionics systems tech for American airlines 24 years) I did it by the book. Super easy install. Plug and play. I have been using them for over 6...
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    MFT added lock pick air and while installing a Dvd player I shorted owe on 12v wire

    Was a body control module. It's back to normal. It's always important to have a wire diagram for our vehicles on hand in case you need it. I found one online and I traced down the problem took care of it myself. Besides I don't like it when people go into a brand-new vehicle start changing...
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    MFT added lock pick air and while installing a Dvd player I shorted owe on 12v wire

    2014 Ford Explorer Sport with navigation and My Ford Touch With lock pick air installed for the past two months and working great, I decided to upgrade with a Dvd player in the glove compartment. I decided to add a cooling fan as well, As I was wiring up the DVD player in the glove box, I...
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    Play movies in front screen

    I need help with getting videos to play on the screen 2014 Explorer Sport no rca jack I see many companies online that are trying to unlock the system to allow video in motion for this 2014 Explorer Sport. I want to use my ipod for videos with the usb plugged in. It tries but no go. I'm hopping...
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    I'm new to this forum, From Custom Mustangs to Dora the Explorer.

    Hi all, I just joined up. :exp: I'm a 28 year Aircraft Maintenance Technician with a specialization in Avionics systems. Ive been working for American Airlines for the past 24 years. I'm ex Air Force from Homestead AFB :us:(1085-1989). My passion has always been muscle cars and speed...