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    1995 Ranger transmission issues

    My wifes 95 has an issue with shifting from reverse to drive. When the transmission is cold she can shift from reverse (backing out of the driveway) and shift into drive and it goes into gear just fine. But once warmed up a little, it wont engauge drive when shifted from reverse. It has to be...
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    Stereo upgrade

    Since I found out where it was I've removed it already. Why remove a 17 year old amp?'s 17 years old and I don't want to have to dig in and do this later. It's in the wife's truck and it's actually pretty loud without the amp. When I purchased all the connectors for this I wasn't familiar...
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    Stereo upgrade

    I decided to upgrade the stereo in the wife's 1995 Ranger XLT. I purchased a Sony aftermarket stereo and all the connectors and mount kit. Well after much frustration I now have figured out that this truck has a premium sound system in it which means an amplifier. Can anyone out there tell where...
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    Fuel Pump Relay

    Sounds like you may have a bad connection on the relay connector. Can you pull the relay out of the connector easily or does it take some effort? I would look at the connector first to make sure its not the issue.
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    what did i get into

    Sounds like it's not worth buying to me. You have to consider how much it will take money wise to bring it back to good working condition. The cost of the truck is another factor...sounds like it's in rather sad shape.
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    1995 Ford Ranger.

    Things to check would be O2 sensor connections, TPS connections...things of that nature. Is it throwing a code?