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  1. J

    2007 Explorer transmission lines

    I never thought about that. what size is the tubing? is it 1/2. I may or may not have what we call swedgelock fittings at work that should work just fine. again is that size of the tubing standard or metric?
  2. J

    2007 Explorer transmission lines

    I Am sure this has been discussed before. I have a 2007 Explorer XLT 4x4. The transmission line going to the drivers side of the radiator is leaking at the rubber flex portion closest to the radiator. This line comes as a pair. I called the ford dealer because I was having difficulty finding...
  3. J

    2007 Explorer with 5R55S trans issues

    Behold the condition of the transmission fluid
  4. J

    2007 Explorer with 5R55S trans issues

    I'ma going to hopefully getting around to checking the fluid this weekend. I have other vehicles to drive. I have the check it. From what I understand I get it to operating temperature and and take the center torx out of the drain plug and if it's too high it drains out. I will know a...
  5. J

    2007 Explorer with 5R55S trans issues

    Hello everyone I have a 2007 explorer with a 5R55S trans that's starting to have issues. This vehicle was given to me from my wife's grandmother. Back in 2017 she had AMMCO for somewhere in the neighborhood of 4600 dollars. Wednesday this thing started shifting hard while going down the highway...
  6. J

    2007 explorer with Hard shifting and trans temp overheat code.

    I have a 2007 explorer that started hard shifting. I got to work yesterday and had the wrench light I checked the code when I got home and it was a trans overtemp code p1783. When I went to pull it in my driveway it wouldn't go into gear eventually it did. This was my grandmother inlaws gifted...
  7. J

    Causes of "bad solenoid pack" for transmission

    Did you ever figure out your issues? I have a 2007 hard shifting I drove it to work the wrench light came on. Wasn't on during the drive home I decided to check the codes and it had a high trans temp code. Went to pull it in my driveway and it wouldnt go into any gear after giving it gas could...