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    Frustration with headlights... Not working.

    I just repaired this issue on a 99 XLT yesterday. Same situation, only flash to pass worked. I suspected headlight switch or the MFS. I removed and carefully opened the headlight switch, it was immediately obvious this was the culprit as one of the copper contacts was very corroded. I...
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    Soft brake pedal

    Check brake pads, as they wear fluid is displaced into the caliper pistons. If they're OK, I would suspect air in the system and potentially a small leak.
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    Battery dead every morning.

    Do you have an aftermarket headunit? The internal amp went on my headunit and after about 15 minutes of turning off the car and accessories, the speakers would pop and emit a high pitched feedback until the battery was drained. Was wondering why my truck kept dying until I sat in the car after...
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    2003 Explorer Trans Noise & Leak

    Hey all, I've got a 2003 XLS 4x4 with transmission problems that started back in January. I started to hear a very feint noise coming from the foot well when the engine was cold. It sounded like one of the vacuum lines popped off so I figured I would wait for warmer weather to start diagnosing...
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    Strange whining noise from Transmission

    Any update on this? I'm having the exact same issue on my 2003.
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    '96 Transmission Grinds

    That wasn't condescending.. Obviously removing it is involved, seeing if anyone is familiar with the issue.
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    '96 Transmission Grinds

    My 96 ex makes this horrible grinding sound from the trans. It only happens if I put the car in park, leave it running then switch to drive. The grinding lasts about a second and usually happens twice a few seconds apart. So far no issues changing gears, just this disconcerting noise. And...
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    Removing pinstripe covered with clearcoat?

    My front passenger panel was repainted by previous owner. There is clear coat over the pinstripe, so i cant wheel it off. How can I remove it? Should i burn through the paint with the stripe off wheel?
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    Looking to repaint bumper trim

    How are the tabs removed? Tried a rubber mallet and prying neither worked.
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    Looking to repaint bumper trim

    96, but the rear is from a 98.
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    Looking to repaint bumper trim

    Im looking to repaint my faded bumper trim. How do I remove the plastic trim from both front and rear bumpers?