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    5.0 Oil Pan

    Alright guys doing my oil pan gasket on my AWD EB I got everything unhooked that needs to be, I got a engine support bar to hold the engine when I jack it up. I was just wondering where do I hook the chains to? There obviously aint no hooks for this so where is the engine usually supported at?
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    2000 Mountaineer Washer pump

    Well your bad mileage could be based on the factory your not running the right tire pressure. 30psi is the correct pressure on our vehicles. Also have you had a tune up done recently? Plugs? Wires? Fuel Filter? All fluids maintained? Cleaned the maf and throttle body? Is it AWD? Got remember...
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    98 5.0 Oil Pan Gasket

    Started on it today so far process isn't bad I've got everything unhooked in the front end except the drivers side knuckle and half shaft and the front drive shaft only took a couple hours.
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    98 5.0 Oil Pan Gasket

    Alright guys my truck has finally got the dreaded oil pan leaking, and yes it's AWD. I have read all the threads on replacing it. I Know it can be done in the truck or by pulling the engine. I'm just thinking of a plausible way to attack this thing. I know a engine hoist will be needed to lift...
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    SadThe Old Girl is No More - But Wait, There's Hope...!

    chef duane if shes gonna junk it i will take it if you can get it from her im in the DFW area and own a 5.0 already and she has been a great and reliable vehicle id hate to see these vehicles go the way of the dinosaur because they are older and having issues but yet are built so well and...
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    Hello from Rifle, Colorado

    31s fit fine on a stock explorer no rubbing
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    5.0 Waterpump

    yea i got frustrated with it and walked away so I dont break anything gonna go back out tomorrow and see if i can get it to seat like it should i thought about removing the dowels and tacking the gasket into place instead of them holding it on i was thinking as well the pan was preventing it...
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    5.0 Waterpump

    Yea my TC is refusing to line up on both dowels on the block at the same time the old one came off fine with the oil pan there so I dont know if its the old gasket or new seal on bottom of the cover binding it up. The crank bolt on the truck isnt bad if you got a good 1/2 impact and a good...
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    5.0 Waterpump

    bobflood I live in the south so Im gonna hit a yard up for the studs that broke off that way I have oem still. delexploder if those studs are as rusted as mine were be prepared to destroy the TC to get it off and have to replace it Im in the process of re assembly currently.
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    Head Light Question

    Believe it or not I havent been flashed since installing them they dont really glare being as the housings are smoked I think it helps in reducing that part of it.
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    5.0 Waterpump

    Hey Guys had to replace my water pump and without a hitch the two bolts on opposite sides the pump broke, got the cover off and remaining parts out the block. I know ford has discontinued these bolts, what have you guy used as replacements and what thread pitch are the originals? Second whats...
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    Head Light Question

    i went with these housings and some hids in both headlights and foglights on my 98
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    Lights question from mechanically challenged woman

    My 98 Eddie
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    Antenna Question

    i got a new power mast at for like 20 bucks
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    Questions about combining two Explorers

    i wouldn't mind having those window visors to put on my 98 if your willing to part with them. Im located in Texas as well
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    Fuel Pump Relay, Power Dist. Box, '99

    your owners manual should give the locations of all the fuse and relays both under the hood and in the cabin
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    Help leak

    I wouldn't think it would like i said every 5.0 I've seen underneath has the exact same leak in the spot and its the determination its the rear main seal, ford released a updated kit with a sleeve to address this issue. Remember that seal is blocked by the flex plate and torque converter so it...
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    OEM Tire Size Replacement

    Unless they changed tire size from 98 to 99 stock should be 255 70 16 on a second gen explorer and being the mounty is a explorer of the same year just rebadged that should be your stock tire size
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    Help leak

    Its the rear main seal they are notorious for leaking on the 5.0's mine is doing the same, was diagnosed years ago by a shop, im running a thick viscosity oil and it seems to have stopped the leak
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    How to: Replace Fuel pressure regulator 1995- 2001 Ford Explorer 2nd Gen

    98 has the FPR on the tank I replaced mine a few years ago when my pump went
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    oil dipstick tube

    have you tried
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    Fog light bulb question
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    Red/Clear Tail Lights

    Here's mine on my 98 Eddie
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    Need an Antenna base (Parting out??)

    got a brand new one for my 98 here rather cheap to
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    Rim and Cosmetic help

    Rims should fit as long as same bolt pattern which 5x4.5. Wiper I would check the motor out to see if its good or not. they are common on explorers. Fuel gauge problem could be a bad sending unit in the tank. Manifold gaskets are possible with right tools a bit of patience. I just had mine...