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  1. J

    rack gone?

    yes i would emagin that if you pulled the tie rods and they fell right out from the rack their where other indacations that ther where probs. I have a sneeking fealing that this NEW grage in town is up to making some big money. he gave me a quoat to day for 1495.00 to do the rack and new roters...
  2. J

    rack gone?

    i have the 02 sport trac. relitivley stock. took it in for state inspection. i know the front brakes are ify. so if he hit me on them i was ready for the 49.99 frount brake job. he came and got me and ask me to come over to the truck. the racks shot. I said WHAT. he grabed the right front tire...
  3. J

    nerf or not to nerf

    I have a 02 sport trc. loves it. this spring the wife and I took a trip to up state PA. We had 24 + inches of crusted snow on the ground :) FUN FUN FUN. I only got her stuck 1 time. that was my falt. hehe I tryed to come off a 3 foot drop that was even with snow she high centered QUICK lol. now...