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    A faster, simpler, better myford touch is here - MFT Update

    for those of you that have the new update, can someone confirm if the screen or mode your in when you shut the vehicle off comes back up upon start up? In other words, if your in the entertainment mode when the engine is shut off, is that what's on the display when you turn the engine back on?
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    Iphone 4s ok with Sync?

    for those of you that are streaming music via bluetooth from the 4s, are you getting the album cover art to come up on the dash screen? My does not for some reason and I can't figure it out. also, my texts do not come up on MFT either. Any suggestions?
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    Oil Change interval

    krog77, where exactly did you place your floor jack on your Ex? Did you jack the whole front end up from the center rail secton by the radiator? I posted my results of my first oil change on here several months ago with a pic questioning if anyone used that rail to support th Ex. I didn't...
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    Lifter Ticking

    I have this same noise and had it confirmed it's the cam phasers prevelant on all 3.5 and 3.7 engines. I'm told it's harmless, however it is annoying.
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    Endlessly Indexing

    I had this issue with my usb stick. While it was "indexing and building media commands" I unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times and it went away.
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    List of Useful Threads Hints for a Pre-Pick Up Inspection & Used Ex. Check List

    Check driver door alignment. Mine was terrible (dealer fixed it). A co worker of mine picked his up a month ago and the same door was out of alignment. Someone sleeping on the assembly line?
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    Cabin fuse box location / access

    where exactly is it? I know it's supposed to be below the steering wheel to the left, but I don't see any access panel.
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    Lets see some pics of your new Explorers!

    Edgieguy, which white is that? (Tri coat or the suede?)
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    tsb for noises on 2011

    I have this issue.......
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    How do you update MFT/Sync?

    What is "APIM" replacement?
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    How do you update MFT/Sync?

    Can anyone provide basic instruction? I have minor bugs in my voice recognition and "building media commands" message that will not go away so I thought it would be appropriate to update to the latest version. My X is an early build (6400). Also, can't locate the fuse box that the manualo...
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    Finding Factory Door Code (Securicode)

    Door Keypad Code Does anyone know where to get it? I could not locate it in my manual or any other paperwork?
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    ease of routine maintenance?

    Oil changes are very easy. The filter is on the front side of the engine, plug is in the rear. If you have a trailer tow package, you will have to remove the "cooling tube" that runs along the oil pan to access the drain plug via 4 thumb screws (also very easy). All other fluids appear easily...
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    "Building Media Commands" with USB display

    I put in a USB flash drive with 600 songs earlier in the week and the message building media commands comes up and will not go away. Does anyone know how to make this go away? I tried it with a prior one (only 50 songs) and it still comes up with the same message.........
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    18" vs 20" wheels?

    Razziel24, What kind of deal did you get on the rims on Ebay? Also, how are you comensating the speedometer on the vehicle with different size wheels then what it came from the factory with? I'm contemplating this change on mine by the way.
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    tmilicia, you mentioned you need about 30 holes to drill to mount these?? Got any pictures of this (or the instructions) and where they mount? I'm on the fence about these because of this. Tom
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    My New 11 Limited

    Handi, I actually like those wheels and wish I had that style on mine. Interested in sellng them?
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    CNET Review!

    Brian is on crack. This is the quietest vehicle I've ever driven in no matter the speed. You can barely ever hear the engine. The throttle response is no different than any other SUV but get's better MPG's in the end. If you want faster throttle response, get a mustang.
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    seat recliner recall and engine noise issue

    How frequent do the camshaft phasers fail? Are these major to replace?
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    seat recliner recall and engine noise issue

    So I made an appointment last week for today to have the rear seat recliner recall taken care of. About 4 hours after dropping it off the dealer calls and says the parts are on backorder and they don't know wen they will have them. Marvelous, it would have been nice if they made the...
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    Fuel Mileage?

    Scottfmc, take a look at my "oil change" post and see the picture of my undercarriage. Since you don't have the tow package, I assume you do not have the air tube shown in my picture.....or do you? Can you take a peek under your Ex?
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    Fuel Mileage?

    Draper/Scottfmc/Shoe here, Do all of your vehicles have awd and trailer tow package? These numbers seem quite impressive unless your home towns are completely flat areas.
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    I like them. These would help my 4 yar old daughter get in and out of the Ex easier. I wonde where they attach at though...
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    did 1st oil change-observations/questions

    1800 miles. I meant to do it earlier but couldn't find the time until yesterday. I keep my vehicles for 6-8 years and tend to "over maintain" them. I still change all my vehicles every 3000 miles too (when not using synthetic).