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    Best Place To Buy Shocks

    I bought Gabriel VST's at Pep Boys for $20 each and love them. If you're looking for a bigger name go to one of 4Wheel Parts in town, after you do a search to see what others say. They do installs, but I installed mine and changed the plugs last week in about 3.5 hours. Tony
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    HELP: Parts for mono to 4dr leaf swap

    The mono leaf shrinks down to 2.5" at the end. There will be extra space between u-bolt and the spring pack. The job took me about 3 hours. Good luck! Tony
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    Front Receiver Hitch Installation Experience

    Thanks Brian, Your instructions were right on! I'm really happy with the utility and look. If I ever go digital I'll post pics. Install took about 2 hours. I only used the 1/2" bit since I left the plastic valence and radiator cover off. If I remove the hitch it won't be hacked up and I can...
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    Torsion Bars have diff. lengths?

    I'm doing the best I can, I'm on a diet. That's what the 50yo parts guy told me? He said that was the same cas on 1st gens also. T
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    Torsion Bars have diff. lengths?

    Thanks! I'm feeling much better. I know one has to be stronger than the other due to engine rotation. I just didn't know it was done by length rather than thickness. Tony
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    Torsion Bars have diff. lengths?

    I just purchased some B rated torsion bars and the right one is about 1.25" longer than the left. Does that sound correct? Thanks, Tony
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    Leaf Springs

    I replaced my mono leaf with yard springs off a '97 4 door. I did not get lift, but I now have a level back end. I'm also using warrior shackles for 2" of lift. T
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    What should I do??????

    Denver allows a second free test if you do not pass the first one. T
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    Which Sport would you rather have?? Need advice quickly

    I'm not sure about the track records, but another way to look at it is - would you rather have a SOHC w/ 120k or a OHV w/ 150k. I've had both engines. OHV at 120k w/ minor knocking and my current SOHC has 80k with no probs. I want and can feel the extra power when I'm driving up the Rockies. Big...
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    Who sleeps in their Ex?

    All the time. I use one of those air matresses. Very comfy. Works better with a 4door than the 2door I have now. Don't use a thick matress though, the thinner ones work better over the wheel wells. T
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    Fun Stuff

    My first post. Doing a test Fun link: