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    Slow to go into first gear

    I have a 98 Explorer V-8 AWD with the 4R70W transmission that's having trouble going from park into first gear. It started when it was parked overnight in the driveway with the rear end of the truck facing downhill where I would have to give it about 30 seconds or so before it would go forward...
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    Losing coolant slowly

    No, you need to drain the coolant and remove the upper hose to get the lower intake manifold out. You seem to have three different problems: leaking coolant, lean codes and a bad tensioner. I'm not sure which one you're trying to fix. But I would make sure that you're pretty certain that the...
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    Losing coolant slowly

    The lean codes could be a bad upper intake manifold gasket. It would probably be worth your while to replace the upper intake gasket manifold while your at it if you find the leak is coming from the lower gasket. You could buy or make a radiator pressure tester, and see if you can find the...
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    Losing coolant slowly

    It could be the lower intake manifold gasket, its a common problem. I had the same problem with slowly losing coolant and noticed a little pooling up behind the thermostat on top of the engine. Not an expensive fix but takes time to remove the parts to get to it. Also if you replaced any of...
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    Missing piece of plastic trim... Looking for replacement!

    Not sure what that piece is called but here's a junk yard searcher
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    NEED HELP A.S.A.P. Upper Control Arm ... can't get the balljoint in the knuckle

    I've had trouble getting them out when they had a little rust on them and had to keep pounding up on the control arm until it finally went. Try putting the prying end of the lug wrench or the end of a claw hammer between the two tabs where the pinch bolt goes through and twisting it a bit. It...
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    Lower ball joint replacement

    I installed a Moog one on the drivers side a few years ago and it fit fine and i haven't had any problems. On the passenger side tried a Napa/TRW ball joint but I had problems getting the dust boot on so I took it back out and returned it for a Moog one. It seems like it stretched out the bore...
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    Lower ball joint replacement

    I just replaced my lower ball joint on my 98 Explorer Limited with a Moog one but its too small for the bore and slides up and down in the control arm. Moog makes an oversized ball joint (part number K8695T006) that fits a bore size 1.749” to 1.753” that sounds like its made for this purpose...