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    Dash Swap Question

    On a 1st gen, or any explorer I guess, what is the dash VIN attached to, the dash or the body? I swear I can't tell looking at it from above. If I swap a dash between two vehicles, which VIN do I have in the end? I'm actually cobbling together two explorers, and one reason I'm asking is...
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    Interior Lights Staying On

    I've seen other threads on this with no resolution, but... Got back from Thanksgiving vacation, hadn't driven my '91 explorer in a month or more, pulled into the driveway in the dark and the interior lights were on! I know the truck hadn't been touched in several weeks, so the sudden nature...
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    Duff lift and alignment bushings

    So I finally kicked my James Duff 2.5" lift up to ~4" (maybe less - used the F-150 coil seats). Anyhow, I put in the maximum alignment bushings everyone else seemed to use, but camber was excessive, so I had to back off at least one bushing size. Logically, this would mean I could throw more...
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    Cooked My Winch Today!!!

    I was playing with my winch this weekend and realized I never tied up this thread - figure I should to clear it up for people... Turns out it was my own stupid mistake. I later found out that I had snagged the remote cable under the drivers front tire, and sliced the remote cable against the...
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    Where to find synchro assembly

    try I've never used them but they have a lot of trans parts listed from what I remember. Ben
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    94 Explorer VIN X V6 runs for a minute and dies

    BTW - watch a volt meter while you're playing with this thing. And another one of those for the hell of its - leave your gas cap off and make sure it's not vapor locking somehow - I had a vehicle do that many years ago and act exactly as you described because it took one hour do naturally...
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    94 Explorer VIN X V6 runs for a minute and dies

    Look at it from this angle: why does it run for a minute - not why does it stop. In the first minute you're bypassing some components and running off a preset mode. It appears you're dying in the transition (actually a minute is a little late for that). Also, several types of component...
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    does anyone here have a gear ratio of 3:55 and runnin on 33s

    Totally agreed Rule #1 - If you want to dance you gotta pay the fiddler... Driving the ex in rough territory - I can deal with rolling it because I have another car to drive to work on monday morning. Likewise I can live with killing my trans. Make sure you can too. Froader - you're...
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    Speedometer Quit Working

    Haven't seen anyone else run across this yet so I'll ask: Pulled out of the driveway a couple of days ago and speedometer started jumping like it does every once in a while, then it jumped all the way past 85 mph and just stayed there. I drove it for several hours and it's still there -...
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    does anyone here have a gear ratio of 3:55 and runnin on 33s

    OK, I've got a '91 with 3.55s and 33s. It is sluggish but tolerable for me. I've got a manual trans, headers, catback, open intake etc. so it doesn't bother me that much on the major roads where I'm running 65 mph without traffic lights. I do shift to fourth gear when going up very steep...
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    Cooked My Winch Today!!!

    OK, not some glamorous pull out on the trail... I was pulling down a 45' cedar tree in the backyard of my mother's house. Thought I'd drive down with the exp, pull this tree back that was leaning over the neighbors house, and be done pretty quick - no such luck. It was pouring down rain, wet...
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    Winch and Cradle Trouble

    I bought a Milemarker E9000 and a Warn Multimount cradle a while ago for the front of the explorer. Of course, it's been sitting in the back for a while, and I decided to put it together for the ice storm we had... The winch fits in the cradle fine (pretty tight fit though), except the thing...
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    92 explorer coil pack

    Damn, I didn't think of that. I wasted like $5 on a universal cable lug the other day when mine died. Ben
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    Power.....really looking for a change

    You're right, I mispoke. I shouldn't have used those words regarding the push button 1354 - mine served me very well for many years- and it really is a great unit. I fell into a snowy ditch off a state road a few years ago, and I had to push it for several minutes to get the damn thing to...
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    Power.....really looking for a change

    I think you need to ditch the power steering pump too. That thing sucks major HP. Seriously, anyone that ditches their air conditioning in a near stock vehicle either lives way up north or has no common sense. My 46 CJ2A has a great powertrain, even though it's oddball in today's world...
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    92 explorer coil pack

    I think it might be misleading... The coil pack will not keep it from cranking. If the coil pack doesn't work it will crank forever and throw a check engine light (speaking of which, have you scanned the computer codes?). It will only keep it from sparking. If you're not cranking the first...
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    92 explorer coil pack

    I thought things were pretty much isolated no matter what you did; I'm not sure off hand though. My explorer's not with me right now, but I'll check it tomorrow when I'm home again. Ben
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    How to finish my new front bumper

    Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll go ahead and rattle can it with some heavy stuff like duplicolor or rustoleum. Ben
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    Eastcoast Newyears 06/07 Rausch Creek

    The RC online calendar says NY Eve and NY Day "open by reservation". Ben
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    How to finish my new front bumper

    I picked up one of those front receiver tube bumpers from Duff the other day, while they had a "moving sale" going on. They just moved to Tennessee, in case people didn't know. I clamped it together in the garage tonight and it's nice looking. It's bare tube, and I still need to weld it...
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    Help, i am at wits end, EEC

    I second the wiring part. I notice you put a new clamp on the battery cable when it died. There's several feet of battery cable left that may be on it's way out too. For what it's worth, you could explain a lot of what you see on a bad ground. The only computer I ever saw die was an early...
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    92 explorer coil pack

    Wow, those things are pretty hard to kill from what I've seen. What caused you to replace it? Is there any chance you did something while replacing it that could go back to the way it was? I'm thinking maybe the coil pack connection from the harness makes a bad connection, or shakes loose...
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    Power.....really looking for a change

    Regarding the injectors: check the part numbers, and I think you'll find that ford put 19#/hr injectors in their cars but 21#/hr injectors in their trucks. spdy0001 - I didn't think the acura sedans were speed limited. I've had my TL-S in the 140s but never had it cut off like my ford...
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    Manual Trans. Problem Shifting HELP

    Likely it is the slave cylinder. Although, one time, on a long trip my explorer's hydraulic clutch went haywire - I had to pump it like 20 times to be able to shift each time. It killed my knee because I was in stop and go traffic for a while. It was like that all day. Next day it worked...
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    Aftermarket Shifters

    I remember seeing one in someone's truck, but can't remember who had it. I also remember they had to mess with it a little to make it work. You may want to check the Ranger sites. I think this issue comes up a lot more with people swapping in 4.0L motors where there wasn't one before (common...