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    5.0L Swap in Sport Trac Questions

    Definitely some good information, I'm doing my research about swapping a 5.0 into my 04 Trac. I always try to keep things as original as possible with stuff like this, thanks for sharing.
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    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Sounds good so far! I am picking up a white 2004 sport Trac here pretty soon. I'm planning on doing a 5.0/5 speed swap. I'm still debating on doing a SAS on it or not. My goal is to make a vehicle that is good on and off road so I can go camping/exploring with my kids. I'll be keeping an eye on...
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    Project - "Rock Trac" Restoration

    I'm still digging this thing. I'm finally getting a sport Trac and a 5.0 swap and a SAS are on my list of things to do. Thank you for posting all of these updates.
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    Photos Lets see those 2nd Gen EX/Mounty

    Awesome photographs, wish I lived in an area like that
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    rugged ridge winches.. in cab controls?

    An update on mine; I ended up installing a wireless winch controller on mine, the local TSC had them for twenty bucks. Since I already had the switch ran into the cab, I left it there and wired the controller to those wires. This keeps the wireless controller in the cab, and out of the elements...
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    Photos Lets see those 2nd Gen EX/Mounty

    Wow, sorry those are so big.
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    EF 20th Anniversary Events - Planning for 2016!!!

    The badlands and smorr are sort of kind of close, will try to make one or both.
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    What did YOU do to your Explorer today?

    Replaced the broken rear locker with a spool and added a snorkel.
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    brake pads

    If the rotor is too thin, it can allow the pad to slide out as well.
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    5spdman's slow and cheap XLT build

    I'm digging the paint!
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    Good buy or not

    I would say go for it!
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    Completed Project Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    Makin progress! I've thought about building an offroad trailer to pull around, I bet you're gonna miss yours. But, you get to buy more goodies!
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    Completed Project Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    Coil bucket to coil bucket, straight across the center is 29.5" Frame width in the same spot is 28.5" plus 1/16" I'll post photographs when I get to my computer.
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    Completed Project Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    35.5 looks to be dead and on center to center.
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    Completed Project Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    I have a ranger that currently has no engine in it. Where exactly do you need the measurements taken? I can get them for you when I get off from work :shifty_ey
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    Good to hear that your still at it! It's always exciting watching a project come together.
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    How does the door handle rod attach?
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    4x4 issues after M5OD swap

    There very well could be, off hand I don't know for sure though. I ran into differences between a 91 and a 92 before while doing an engine swap on one of my old Rangers. Just had to move some pins around in the connector. The easiest way to tell would be to compare the wiring schematics between...
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    4x4 issues after M5OD swap

    Maybe there was a difference in the transmission wiring harness'? If they are from different years, the pins could be in the wrong place. Just a random thought.
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    can not accelerate past 40

    I would check the fuel pressure under a load first. A plugged fuel filter can cause some very noticeable drivability problems. Clogged catalytic converters can cause the same symptoms. You can check for clogged converters easily with a vacuum gauge.
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    Rear end tick

    Agreed ^ Could also be the parking brake shoes, they ride inside the hub of the brake rotor( behind the axle shaft hub/flange). There could be rust build up in there or the shoes could be starting to come apart. Something else to check.
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    Smorr 2014 october 10-11-12!

    Thanks guys, this wasn't part of my plan, that's for sure