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    Roaring Engine Noise After Rain

    Had this happen to ours too. Fan clutch. We also had the radiator replaced a little while before the clutch and it didn't help. Does your MPG drop like crazy when it does it? Does it occur more with more strain on the engine (like AC)? The rain may be just a red herring or you may be using the...
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    Help me make a buying decision 2006 Explorer

    We have a base model XLT V8 with the sunroof and leather option and rear AC. Yeah, weird options configs out there. Most people will recommend the V8 and it has more power and very similar fuel efficiency ratings, but it has its own problems.
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    My 2006 Explorer is running rough

    Same thing used to happen to mine. The CEL doesn't stay on, right? So no codes. The only thing that fixed this for me was new plugs and coils. Since you already changed them and one coil, start isolating the other coils one by one. There could also be a defective spark plug. It has happened.
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    Updates on Engine Roar and Burning Smell

    So I've posted here before about loss of engine power and loud engine roaring. Lately I've been getting a faint whiff of a burning rubber smell, too. I had been looking at my exhaust half expecting to see the blue smoke, sure signs my trans was kicking the bucket. After some trouble shooting...
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    06 V8 trans issue

    No codes. Got the code for the cats a few months ago and still does it after new cats and O2 sensors
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    06 V8 trans issue

    I forgot to mention the fuel filter was changed at 80k also. It also only does this when under load. Majority of the time it runs great. It's guaranteed to do this when I turn on the AC. Sometimes it'll do this randomly but not often when driven normally.
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    06 V8 trans issue

    My dad has an 06 Explorer V8 with 95k on the odo. It seems the transmission is sticking in gear when there is any load on the engine. Whenever the AC is turned on or there is any load on the engine, it seems the truck gets stuck in either first or second gear and is slow to shift. This...
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    Water Leaking from Overhead Console Map Light Button

    First try using those craft pipe cleaners and GENTLY thread them into the two drain holes on either side of the two front corners of the sunroof. Pour a little water in the area and they should be draining freely out under the A-pillar by the front door hinges. If that doesn't work, you're...
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    Rear Cargo Security Shade

    Yup, with or without 3rd row, the cargo shade can be used with the 3rd row folded down. As long as you have the 2 square indents right behind the 2nd row and the hook like indents in the D pillars, it'll fit. My father has 06 V8 with manual 3rd row which he never uses and always has the cargo...
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    Weird Spark Plug Break - not the usual kind

    I had 2 of 8 come out this way. I used a flat screw driver to break it at the base then used the Lisle tool to extract the rest of it. Make sure you use a vacuum or something to suck out all the pieces after you're done. When I did my plugs, only 2 came out intact. It was a looong afternoon...
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    Never have to change the transmission oil? Fact or fiction???

    The lifetime fill and maintenance free is pretty much nonsense. It basically is for them since when the problems arise, it'll be out of warranty and Ford won't have to deal with it. First thing we did when we purchased the used 06 was flush out the Trans and reprogram it. At 90k miles, the fluid...
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    Nickel Anti-sieze?

    Yeah, I went everywhere looking for it. Nickel antisieze is required because you need to slather it in the electrode sheath. Use sparingly on the threads. Nickel has a much higher operating temp than regular antisieze. Which would probably last longer especially since on the 3V plugs. I went to...
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    2008 Mountaineer- with P0430 code

    My truck started throwing the same CEL code about 6mos after I replaced plugs and coils. I brought it to my mechanic who is pretty well versed in Ford vehicles. He said to fill up with premium full, run a couple bottles of injector cleaner and go on several long drives on the highway. I filled...
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    4x4Auto Question

    So I drove around for several weeks with the 2 4x4 fuses pulled. The wrench was showing on the dash display but all was working well. Then one day, the car felt like it was running on 4 cylinders. I parked it in the garage and replaced fuses and disconnected the battery for a few days and used...
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    Tranny Problems

    I had this also. I did a trans flush at the dealer and the reprogramming that is recommended for this transmission. It was reduced tremendously. Then after plug/coil replacement, it's now completely gone.
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    Between a rock & a dealer!

    Congrats! I broke 5 of 8 when doing mine following the TSB, but all easily removed with the Lisle Tool (greatest tool ever). Can probably do these in my sleep now! You'll appreciate the better, smoother running of the motor now. I ended up getting MSD COPs from Summit. I trust MSD for ignition...
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    Reset check engine light

    I used to pull the 3 fuses under the hood that referred to the PCM. I had to do this after misfires due to old plugs. It used to misfire at WOT. If there is something chronically wrong, the CEL will come on again pretty quickly. I'd leave them out overnight.
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    4x4Auto Question

    This is a long write up so thanks in advance and any advise is appreciated. All the symptoms started right after I replaced my plugs and COPs. Mine is a 2006 XLT V8 with just shy of 100k on the odo. All new tires all around and properly inflated. Before the plugs and COPs, my 4x4Auto mode...
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    How to disable the 4 wheel drive on a 2007 v8

    Hey fugereb, a few questions about your mod. You still have the two wires disconnected or just one? And with the wire mod, do you still get the wrench warning like you would if you removed the fuse? Thanks!
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    Help! which used Explorer to buy

    I'd recommend the 2008-10 V8 Explorer if you can. Apparently the V6 does not get much better mpg than the V8 and you'll get a stronger engine and better towing ability. If you get a 2006-08 V8, just know about the sparkplug issue. The V6 model has more radiator issues.
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    Highest mileage 2006-10 Explorer/Mountaineer

    Just shy of 100k miles on a 2006 V8 Explorer. Purchased in 2011 at 80k miles. I had been getting 11mpg combined city/highway. After new plugs and coils, that's jumped up to 17mpg. Planning on keeping this for a long time.
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    Hesitation/bucking issue

    Does it happen when you are basically cruising under very light throttle? Do you have any dash lights come on? I had the issue on my 2006 V8 and it felt more like the transmission issue. Never any CEL or anything. Just gave it more gas and it would stop until I had been cruising for awhile under...
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    My V8 sparkplug story

    I wrote my first post out of frustration. I never expect a car to be trouble free, but something as straight forward as changing plugs? C'mon, that's just regular maintenance. I've wrenched on most of my/family cars before, from Toyota/Lexus to Cadillac to Mazda to Mercedes to Dodge to Ford. I...
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    My V8 sparkplug story

    Yes another sparkplug thread, but I'm sure there are people still on the fence about tackling this themselves. The patient is a 2006 Explorer. We bought it in 2011 with 80k miles. It's now at 96k mostly multiple short trips, prime candidate for carbon buildup. I used a bottle of seafoam just...