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    Free Enclosure Designs

    hey aznboi3644 i got one you can design if your bored. i have two mtx 9500 15's (9515-44) that are gonna go in my exploder. i've already had these woofers in 3 vehicles with 3 totally different box's that i designed and built. all of them sounded great and were loud, but i allways want more. so...
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    Subwoofer Pulseating Problems.....

    its very rare, but there are a select few amps out there (like older mtx mono amps) that have that problem when the gain is too high. we used to call it motorboating. but if turning the gain down does not change anything then thats not the problem. more then likely it is a bad rca cable or...
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    subs up port back or...?

    i'm about to start building a box for my new explorer, and i wanted to see what kind of results others have had from various box setups, woofers facing up and port facing back vs. woofers and port facing back ect... in my old explorer the first box i built was for 2 15's and was a normal...
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    need help with amp/sub combo

    depending on what kind of box that mtx sub is in will play a part in how much power you should run to it. if you have a sealed box i would recomend the 250.2, it will make close to 300 watts most likely and would be a graet match to that woofer, overpowering just a little won't hurt anything...
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    need help with amp/sub combo

    wow, are you a rep for ARC or what? ARC is great stuff, but why would you put a chep walmart VR3 amp on such nice subs? and whats wrong with c city? that would be a great setup, but if you want to do a little more power you could.
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    Projector Headlight Assembly Pricing

    how is the light output of those compared to the stock assembely? i have a 12000k hid kit with the stock headlight assembelies and while way better then before the light output is still not what i want. do you have projectors for fog lights as well?
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    perfect wheels!!!

    ok so i found some wheels that are exactly what i was looking for, but i need to know if they will fit before i get them i have a '99 2wd with stock suspension here is a link to the wheels: thay have a special with 4 rims+tires for $1359...
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    Post the pics of your wheels here!!! STREET TRUCKS!!!

    hey guys will these wheels fit a '99 2wd ok? thay have a special with 4 rims+tires for $1300 they are 20x8.5 for the front with a 36mm offset and 255/35ZR20 tires, and 20x10 for the back with 45mm offset and 295/30ZR20 tires
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    1/4 mile times

    wow i havn't posted on here in a looong time, but anyway, i just got a bone stock '99 4 door 4.0 explorer last week and decided to take it to the track tonight for ***** and giggles. i was happily surprised with what it ran, a 16.6 in the 1/4 with a 2.4 60ft. the best time i ever got out of my...
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    Supercharger extra boost blow-off

    where did you get that smiley? thats awsome
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    i want to put a few mods for now in to my explorer

    what do you have for exhaust? it sounds really good