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    2000 explorer start and dies right away

    Start with the's done.
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    Steering shaft replacement

    Here's the one for a '95, bet it's the same for a '96.
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    Rear Wheel Bearings??

    ^^^What he said.
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    Weird problem. Belt, radiator?

    No, it wouldn't cause overheat and steering issues at the same time. A plugged condensor could cause an overheat problem, but not the steering problem.
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    Cleaning EGR and other maintance

    EGR's generally are not cleanable, and the air out both sides says that the diaphragm is ruptured. Time for a new one.
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    Leaking green fluid onto engine block

    That's the heater control valve that's dripping. I agree, replace it before it strands you somewhere. There's another thread (recent) about not being able to get a good one from the parts store. Go to Ford.
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    No wiper fluid

    Chances are the tubing is full of snot. You can try disconnecting it from the squirters, and then hit the pump switch. If that doesn't work, try blowing it out with air. If that doesn't work, pull it all off and run a stiff piece of wire through it. Or, save yourself the hassle, disconnect...
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    broke lug studs

    Can't be givin' all the secrets, can we? ;)
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    Broken Motor Mount Bolts

    LOL! Been a long time since I've seen that, but you're'll get the job done as long as the other side is OK.
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    vibrations losing patients

    Even if you do replace parts, you may still have some vibration if the tires have already cupped.
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    ID Transmission Part

    Yup, it's called a process plug. Its only purpose is to keep dust/dirt out of the transmission as the vehicle is being assembled in the factory. Toss it in the trash.
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    broke lug studs

    No question that it's a common DIY technique, I've done it myself when time was tight. And it's the method most shops will use as well, cuz they can, not because it's the right way to do it. However, if the thought of pulling an axle is that daunting, then I'd question whether stud replacement...
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    broke lug studs

    Pretty simple. Remove the cover (don't forget the drain pan). Pull the spyder shaft retaining bolt. Pull the spyder shaft, it should slide right out. Push in on the offending axle with your foot, and remove the C-clip from the inside end. Pull the axle out. The hardest, most time consuming...
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    Broken Motor Mount Bolts

    If you don't the skills/tools to do this properly, then take it to a shop. You DO NOT want to dork up the holes.
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    broke lug studs

    To do it right, the axle has to come out so the new studs can be PRESSED in. If you pull the studs in with the lug nuts, you will be sorry.
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    strange problem, need help

    There's clue #1. Always use a torque wrench. With anti-seize, reduce the torque by 10%. Are you sure all vacuum hoses are reconnected?
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    Interesting Squeaking Noise.... You'll Love This!

    Lubing the bushing may work for a while, but it's only a bad band aid patch put on a bad bushing. When they squeak, they need to be replaced.
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    strange problem, need help

    Continue to look for vacuum leaks. Running rich would be a normal response from the computer for this, as it richens up the mixture trying to compensate for the unexpected airflow.
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    a/c problem 98 explorer

    Yes This is a normal response with an A/C system that is low on refrigerant, meaning you have a refrigerant leak somewhere that needs to be fixed. The piece that the belt rides on is the compressor clutch, which engages and disengages in response to pressure inside the system. The on/off again...
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    Fuel pump replacement

    Probably not while you still have it.
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    explorer dead! need help!

    You turn it over by hand by putting a socket on the bolt holding the harmonic balancer on and turning it in the direction of normal rotation with a breaker bar. When you say nothing happened today, would it not turn over - or turn over and not start?
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    explorer dead! need help!

    Something got wet that isn't supposed to. It'll probably start fine in a day or so. No, probably not a battery problem.
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    no power to AC/Heat guage panel. PLEASE HELP!

    Start with the easy stuff....check your fuses. If they are all good, then as was mentioned check the connectors on the back of the controls. Be careful, some of it is wires and some of it is vacuum lines.
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    Grinding rear end

    Probably an axle bearing on it's way out.
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    Power Steering Fluid

    Yes, you can use ATF in your power steering.