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    Aux-in complete!

    Hitchhikingmike, I'd e-mail the people at and ask them if it will work with your unit. It should I believe.
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    Aux-in complete!

    Thanks Joe!
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    Aux-in complete!

    Hitchhikingmike, I do not have an AUX button on my head unit. When the Pie adapter is installed, you will press CD, and the display will say CD, then you will press is again, and it will say DJ. If you don't have it installed, it will only say CD. hope this helps. Mike
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    Aux-in complete!

    Roe, The adapter model is FRDN-AUX. I do have the factory sub with in-dash 6-CD changer. I do know that if you have the options that I have, that adapter will work. =Mike
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    Aux-in complete!

    OMGLOLetcetc, actually I bought my '02 Limited about 2 months ago and it came with that ebony trim. I think it looks slick. I'm not sure if it was an option or if it was aftermarket, but the previous owner (original owner) was a retired doctor and I'm not sure if he did it. -Mike
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    Aux-in complete!

    That's how I had it installed in my bronco, I liked the ease of access on the B-pillar. But this works just as good. Fixxxer - actually, i just used 2 screws to secure each clip into the panel, it holds great and have yet to have any problems! Thanks all! -Mike
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    Aux-in complete!

    So I had ordered the PIE adapter for my 2002 Limited. I didn't want any cables coming out of the dash or anything and wanted it to look stock, or just a clean install. I bought a stereo 1/8" jack and an RCA cable that I had cut and attached to the PIE adapter and the pins on the 1/8" jack...
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    Am I the only one who does this?

    I don't know about explorers... But I used to drive a Bronco before the explorer and they are really rare around my area. When it comes to rarer vehicles like mine, I'd have more respect for the fellow Bronco drivers. Even though some, if not most, are complete A-holes :D
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    My '02 Explorer Limited

    Thanks Sam!
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    Removing Bezel?

    I saw the thread relating to the 2nd gens, but I have an 02 Explorer and am trying to install my PIE aux adapter, and I cannot seem to remove the trim around the stereo and temperature cluster. How is it done? Anyone have pics? Thanks in advance, Mike
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    My '02 Explorer Limited

    Probably lights either on the bull bar, or behind the grille. But before that, a PIE mp3 player jack for the stereo. I'm still not sure which unit will work with the 6-CD in-dash CD changer, the steering wheel controls, and the factory sub, but I'll find it. Other than that, maybe a K&N air...
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    My '02 Explorer Limited

    Got her a few weeks ago with 106,000 miles on her. I just put an AutoXtreme bull bar on her today and have some pictures to share. -Mike
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    Night Time Driving Lights

    Well I have been searching and cannot find the right answer. I am looking for driving lights (KC, Hella, PIAA, etc.) to mount on my bull bar (preferably round style lights) that I can use while driving at night, and will be able to use them with on-coming traffic. Most "Driving Lights" I've...
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    Anyone Familiar with AutoXtreme?

    I'm browsing for bull bars for the explorer I shall be picking up at the end of the week, and I've found quite a few that I like. I want something in black, and I know it will start rusting in a few years, but I plan on painting it with rustoleum when that happens. I'm going between the...
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    Greetings & Salutations

    Hey all. I'm in the market for a used 2002-2003 Explorer v6 after I had been rearended in my '96 Ford Bronco. My insurance co. declared it totalled and am in the market for another SUV. I am here now for all the questions I have and for the ones I will have later on. -Mike