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    Maybe fuel injector?

    Hello All, I have an 02 Mountaineer. My check engine light came on after getting fuel in SC. Cheap price ($2.25 gal) Cheap gas! I had Auto zone read the computer and said misfire on cyl 1 and 6. I cahged the plugs to no avail. Now I have swaped the coil packs from cyl 7 and still running really...
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    2002 AWD mountaineer Trans Case

    Does anybody know what transfer case a 2002 V8 AWD Mountaineer has and maybe where to get a viscous coupler?:us:
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    Hey jl, My cv joints and bearings are fine. I have gone thru 2 front diffs. one broke the gears and now the 2nd has broke the housing. I think my problem might be in the viscous coupler in the transfer case. Just a guess. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Broken front axle

    Does anybody have any info on how the front axle breaks on a 2002 AWD
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    Question for the people

    Ok, Wheels falling off is obviously not a problem with gen III. I have put over 150 miles on it since removing front cv axles. Is there a sensor that has gone bad to tell the trans case to go into 4wd?
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    I just posted a question in new member re: question for the people. I have a 2002 mountaineer V8 AWD. The front diff has broken twice and now I have removed the front cv axles before attempting to replace for the third time. I thought the rear end was locked in posi because of the binding when...
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    Question for the people

    Hello everyone, I have a 2002 Mountaineer V8 AWD, I thought after reading many posts and tsb's that the rear end had locked up in posi. When i turn, the wheels sound like they have found the neighbors dog. This has put strain on the front axel and caused it to bind. After replacing the front...