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    Installing Ford Traction LOC LSD into Limited AWD Explorer

    Hey guys, I'm going to tackle rebuilding my Ford Explorer 2003 Limited AWD differential and wondering if I can install a Ford Traction LOK? FORD RACING TRACTION - LOK LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL W/ CARBON DISCS - 31 SPLINE 8.8 IN. (86-14 V8; 11-14 V6) Differential description...
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Thank you Tyler92.... I'm doing my 03 (RDS) since it's siren (singing) has increased and I'm NOT in favor paying some guy a towing fee because I was stupid enough to wait to long (not this guy).... Anyway, your instructions (pictures) and guidance are right by my side....
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    Strange noise

    I just read the TSB here's the URL link: Here's the text from the post: There is a TSB "Technical Service Bulletin" on rear wheel bearings being noisy on that model. If it is still under...
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    2004 V8 TSB's

    Can you tell me the two TSB's (#'s) you referred to in your post so I can take my 03 in? I have the siren noise too, and I'm sooooo glad that you guys shared your information about it here..... THANKS....
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    For Sale Upper control arms... Extended WITH UNIBALL

    Count me in.... lol we are all saving funds just adding together a list to help get an idea of the quantity to be made and make sure enough people want them to be really worthwhile to fabricate 1.wills05xlt4x4 2.lynchy wa 3.NHarris 4.04 EDGE 5.FaStTwItCh 6.Ronin8002 7.Traillover 8. 9. 10.
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    Replacing Front CV shafts and Hubs same time - Need Info Please

    Hey guys, my 03 Explorer is up to 110325 miles and now makes noise (binding, popping, etc.) when turning (while only in 4x4 high or low - on wet pavement). I know there's more to consider (e.g. transfer case, diff) but I'm mainly targeting the front drive at this point. I've owned this vehicle...
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    2002 Explorer is binding up, and popping when turning. Please help!

    After reading all these posts, I'm more inclined to say it's your 4x4 computer module. From what the guys have written here, I'm assuming that the 4x4 computer module controls the 4x4 system by managing it when you select Auto, 4x4 high, or 4x4 low. I too get the noise but only after I select...
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    Help… Is it a Light Out Module (LOM), Brake Module, or Switch problem?

    Around 3 months ago, I had that average LOM problem (high or low beam working intermittently). After reading treads, on this blog, about repairing, replacing, or bypassing LOM, I decided to bypass. Everything worked for about 2 weeks, but then I had to play (once in a while) with the...
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    Driver's Side Headlamp Not Working

    Fixed low beam with this advice..... This site rocks... Followed these instructions and results work like a charm... You guys are great... My 1997 Explorer EB 4.0 v6 loves you! Thanks again, for saving me money, time, and the headache....:D
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    Instrument Panel Information-Broken

    Fantastic - I love this forum!!! Pulling the fuse did the trick. I also want to let the other guys that posted know that I had previously followed the User Manual to clear the "change oil required" and km units but couldn't get the information center to correctly respond!! However, in...
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    Instrument Panel Information-Broken

    Hi all, My wife's 03 Explorer instrument panel information center has gone nuts. Initially, when I found that I could not clear "change oil" using the "info + reset" buttons next to the panel, I knew I needed to ask this forum for help ASAP. Now the measurement unit shows in km, not...
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    Rust? Don't forget about that Spare Tire!

    I thought I'd share some pictures about how bad the Spare Tire area can get after little or no attention over 15 years.... Here's the spare tire. It was flat and the rim has major rust...
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    IFS Heavy Duty Upgrades!

    IFS instructions - THANK YOU VERY MUCH Having information like this helps us make sound decisions (best) while saving us big $$$ for not having to re-do cheap parts that don't last!! The site is a God-send!! Traillover....
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    Pressing in Leafspring Bushing

    Leaf Spring Bushings - Holy Crap..... Thanks to "all" of you for piping in with great suggestions and advice. ADVICE for anybody else needing to replace leaf spring bushings - BE VERY AGGRESSIVE AND DON'T BE SHY... I ended up using my hand grinder to grind off the old shackle so I could...
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    83-97 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle & Bushing Pricing.....

    So much information out there, thought I'd consolidate some for the group!! (Note: my bushings are a *****).... 1997 Ford Explorer leaf spring bushing kit by Daystar….. ($42.05) Energy Suspension (Rear...
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    Pressing in Leafspring Bushing

    Leaf spring bushing replacement I just used a 5 ton puller (Sears Auto Tool) to push the old bushing out. The dang bolt was rusted to the inner sleeve so I used a 19mm socket and used the puller to push the socket through the leaf spring. Then I'm going to reverse the process to install the...
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    Powertrax 2311 Lock Right Locker - anybody selling?

    RE: Powertrax 2311 Lock Right Locker Dana 35 Open Carrier 27 Spline Well, before I go a blow a wad of money, I thought I'd ask around to see if anybody is selling or trading this locker by Powertrax? I'm installing it to the front axle. I have a 97 Explorer EB, V6. I'm interested to...
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    IFS Heavy Duty Upgrades!

    Wow, great write-up.... Guys like you make owning a Ford a blessing....
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    Jet Transmission 4x4 module

    Update... The Jet product doesn't replace any of the Motorcraft TM- parts, it's a completely different item. So far, I've only been able to find two products by Motorcraft, but Amazon states that either of these will work on my 2003 Ford Explorer... The TM-165 and the TM-152... The 165 is...
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    H.I.D. simulating bulb test and review..

    Can anyone tell me anything about Hipro Power 8000K HID Xenon Conversion Kit for 2001-2003 Ford Explorer Sport? Are they any good? I want to install HID Kit 8000K on my wife's 03>>>>>
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    p0405 Code (I searched, I swear!!)

    Hey thanks guys... My 03 Explorer P0405 code just came on also... So thanks for the info... I'll order the sensor tonight....
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    Have a 4.6L? Here's a problem I bet you all have...

    WOW, do I love this blog.... After reading your posting, I checked my 03 and yap, there it was... Worn all the way through the plastic but not the wiring! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I laughed after reading a few reply's to you because my first impression after reading yours was wrap it with some...
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    Low Power, No Acceleration, Top Speed 55mph, Top RPM 3000, Low Idle 600rpm

    OK, I'm really new to this blog (09), but any time I've had those exact symptoms, the problem always turned out to be O2 sensors (either 1 to 4) had to be replaced.... I might add, while driving under those conditions, the fuel efficiency dropped to 5mpg.... :-)
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    2003 Limited 4x4, VIN is 1FMDU75W13UB45665, V8-4.6-OHC K&N Cold Air Intake System...

    2003 Limited 4x4, VIN is 1FMDU75W13UB45665, V8-4.6-OHC K&N Cold Air Intake System. Wishlist-new nav system (in-dash), mud terrain 33's, 2" shock lift, 2" rear shackle lift and front torsion tweak, performance chip and MAFS.
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    Howdy Explorer enthusiasts!

    New to this forum. Currently a member of 4x4wire (89 Raider, call name RockU), but have been out of touch due to repairs and moving across the nation. I left my ride (Raider) in Utah for family to use, so now I'm attacking my wife's 97 Eddie Bauer. We purchased it in 08 just before relocating...