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    Rear Overhead Vents not working on full heat!!!!

    my Ex is in the shop right now for this issue. When you set controls to rear console, the top vents pump out heat at max but when switch to front, only works when at level 2 or under for heat setting. This never use to be the case so I thought something was wrong. I have another Ex as a loaner...
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    2011 explorer headlight help?

    I changed the bulbs in mine and it was a complete PAIN IN THE @SS. I had a Nitro before the explorer and could change those bulbs in under a minute. The explorer took me forever and I remember swearing the whole time. I don't like the bulbs I put in it and have sat on them for months cause I...
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    2011 Ford Explorer woes.

    I think this is it. We had a few of those problems and we were on 2.4 and an early build date of December. The final straw for me was the system went dead. Black screen. They replaced the APIM Module and for the last month the system has been perfect! Setup an appointment.
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    MFT 2.8 dare I say? ... Rocks!

    Just got our Ex back 2 days ago as some Sync Module went dead. Screen black, no control of anything. We had 2.4 and a pretty early Ex build date of last December. So everything has been replaced and they put 2.8 on. Wow. Huge difference for the better. So much faster and responsive. I thought...
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    Front Plate Bracket, Watch Out!

    I removed my bracket as well by do the DIY someone supplied on this site. Worked like a charm and lucky for me, not even a scrape on the bumper.
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    Removing dealer name plate

    I used Windex. Comes right off. They got my Ex form another dealer so we had to wait while they put that on along with the license plate bracket with their name on it. I told them to not waste there time as I would be taking all that crap off as soon as I get home but of course they said they...
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    tsb for noises on 2011

    PM sent. Thx Cory
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    what is your build date? I guess a TSB just came out for builds before like 2/24. some Styrofoam is loose in the engine bay and they have to secure that. I am getting humming noises at highway speeds as well and am taking my car in. I have a 12/01/10 build date.
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    Tinting Windows

    Hey JustB, you do this yourself? If not where did you have it done? Ziebart?
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    This thing is a pain to wash!

    Thx for the info. I know where that is. I will be trying this out.
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    Moonroof Opens Twice

    I think you are referring to the "Sunscreen" which is covering the glass so no light gets in. The glass part or moonroof will only open in the first panel. The second row glass will not open.
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    Terrain Management / AdvanceTrac System Errors

    I had that once when I started the Ex up? I was like WTF? Switching the knob wouldn't do anything. Turned the car off and on again and it was gone. I have not seen it since. That was like a month ago
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    Updating to 2.7

    I have read that some people upgraded to 2.7 sync. I just downloaded the newest install and I come back to report successful install and I still see that 2.4 is installed. Here is what I am getting BT4T-14D544-BE Gen2 - V2.4 SYNC GEN 2 IMAGE CI 4/11/2011 How can I get 2.7?
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    tsb for noises on 2011

    I think this is the issue I have been having and have posted about. At high speeds. I get a humming noise from the engine bay. Sometimes it is there and sometimes not. It has been annoying me and I brought it into dealer and of course it didn't happen when they drove it. I think they thought I...
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    18" vs 20" wheels?

    What are you doing about the TPMS sensors?
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    Maybe Cancel Order?

    Agree with Bill. My parent's in law ordered one about 5 weeks ago and the dealership still is looking to find the same one in the area so they could get the Ex sooner. My wife and I got one that they had to trade for so this salesmen sold 2 Ex's in the same day so maybe that is why he was so...
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    TPMS Sensors

    And if TPMS sensors aren't put in? Will it just show the warning light on the gauge? I would be fine with that as I check my tire pressures regularly anyways
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    TPMS Sensors

    I have an XLT with standard 18's and am getting 22's. Wondering if it is easy to swap out the TPMS sensors or is it worth it to spend the 35-40bucks per sensor for new ones? I will be swapping these tire wheel sets for seasons. Winter/Summer.
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    Loud engine noise?

    Have had the XLT for about 2 weeks. My wife is the driver of it but this weekend we traveled about 250 miles one way and we noticed that once going above about 70 mph, there is a humming noise coming from the engine bay. Best way I can describe the noise. Just sounds like the car is working...
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    Husky / WeatherTech Floor and Cargo Liners

    Received my floor mats from ebay. Below is similar auction The fit is very nice and they fit more...
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    Congrats. Waiting sucks but totally worth it. Went to the auto show this past weekend and analyzed every single 7 passenger SUV and couldn't be more happy with our choice of the Explorer. The Durango would of been our next choice. Pretty nice.
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    Bulb size

    Headlights: 9005(HB3) Fogs: H11 Just installed new bulbs for both headlights and fogs tonight. I hate stock dingy yellow bulbs. I put in 8000K for headlights and 2500K yellow bulbs for fogs. I know the pics suck. Doesn't do justice. So much whiter and brighter than OEM. As far as...
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    DIY: Front License Plate Bracket Removal!

    Awesome DIY. Did it tonight. Pics below. Crappy pics but night time and I just put in new bulbs both headlight and fogs so that is really what I took pic is for. Getting the trim retainers tomorrow.
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    Trailer Sway Control?

    Just keep it on all the time. The default is "on"
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    Fog light bulbs?

    I bought new bulbs for mine as well. I like have 2500K yellow bulbs for fogs. Impossible to install though. No clearance to get under there. I am going to have Ford put them in when I get my first oil change and the car is lifted.