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    looking at '03 Edge - anything I should look for?

    Thanks for the reply. We actually went last night and test drove it. He liked it so much he boughtit. He picks it p Saturday.
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    looking at '03 Edge - anything I should look for?

    Hello everyone! My son is looking at an '03 Ranger Edge. The truck looks really clean with only 42,000 mles on it. Are there any known problems with this model that we should look for? It's an extended cab, step side, automatic, V6. I've been following the explorer forum for years and know that...
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    how do I diagnose solenoid block?

    I haven't changed it yet. Based on the symptoms I have (or lack of) I was just wondering if the solenoid block is the most likely culprit? If so is there any way to diagnose it before I spend the money on a new block?
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    how do I diagnose solenoid block?

    I have an '02 XLT with the 4.0 and 122,000 miles that has been giving me a code P0775 on and off for a couple of years now. It used to be every couple of months. Lately it is every other day. I have searched and read that it could be one of any of these or a combination of them 1) bad...
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    Battery Light On - New Alternator, New Battery

    similar problem on my f250 I just went through a similar situation on my f250. Buried in this thread is my alternator/battery saga and how I fixed it. I would suggest checking the connections at the alternator...
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    Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing (from control arm to spindle)

    I've never replaced mine but NAPA lists the bushings as a replaceale part here
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    Window cable

    under $50 at Napa
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    Axle rebuild - now vibration

    same problem here!!! Wow! I have the same exact problem! Rear differential was rebuilt to take care of three problems. 1) whine from about 45 yo 55 mph. 2)limited slip axel chatter and 3)leaking axel shaft seal. When I got it back these three things were taken care of but now I had a vibration...
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    Can't remove rear hubs

    Do you have the knuckle off? I replaced a rear wheel bearing on my 02 about a month ago. I took the knuckle off myself took it to my local dealer and had them press the hub and bearing out and install the new one. I bought the new bearing from them and they charged me an hours labor to press it...
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    rear wheel HOT

    had same problem 2002 XLT Day before Easter returned home from an approximately 30 mile trip pulled into garage and smelled brakes burning. Felt all four wheels and the drivers side rear was hot. I assumed caliper was stuck. Went into the house for a while then decide to go for a ride to see...
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    Need quick brake help

    I just went through this last weekend. Once the caliper bolts are removed the caliper come out bottom first. Use a pry bar or large screwdriver to pry the bottom of the caliper toward the rear bumper. If the rotor is worn and has a lip or ridges in it this makes it harder. If this is the case...
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    2002 Rearend Noise

    My differential needs work chris2002 - how hard was it to change the differential? On my 02 (also an early model purchased in June of 01) I just changed a rear wheel bearing and caliper, new springs last fall and now need to look at the differential. I have the whine at around 40-50 MPH and...
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    04 EB Drivers Seat movement

    I don't have this problem but I found this TSB TSB 05-4-16 03/07/05 FRONT SEAT(S) SLIGHT MOVEMENT WHEN ACCELERATING AND/OR DECELERATING FORD: 2002-2005 Explorer LINCOLN: 2003-2005 Aviator MERCURY: 2002-2005 Mountaineer ISSUE Some 2002-2005 Explorer 4dr/Mountaineer and...
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    Door ajar light & inop door lock????

    soak latches not handles You need to spray the latch with WD40 (the part that holds the door closed at the rear edge of the door) not the handle. I'm not saying this will fix your problem since you have other issues but this is where the switch is for the door ajar light and interior lights.
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    02 Explorer broken rear coil springs?

    replaced my broken rear coil springs yesterday I had some time yesterday so I decide to replace both broken rear coil springs in my 02 XLT 4.0. It wasn't too bad of a job. The hardest part was getting at the 3 studs on top of the shock/spring mount. I ended up removing the spare tire from...
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    02 Explorer broken rear coil springs?

    picture of my broken rear coil spring I changed my oil yesterday and decided to snap a picture of my broken spring. This is on the drivers side right behind the rear tire. It is broken at the 2nd or 3rd coil down from the top. I also noticed what looks like a crack on the very bottom coil but...
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    02 Explorer broken rear coil springs?

    My 02 also has a broken rear spring on the drivers side. Sounds like the same place, about 1 or 2 coils down from the top. I don't know how long it has been broken (original owner) and never noticed it until I was doing some routine maint. and did my normal look around underneath and spotted it...
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    Tranny delay

    DPFE and tranny delay Well my 02 XLT 4.0 just came back from the dealer. I brought it in because I had the infamous code P1401. I knew this would mean another DPFE sensor (6th one since new) I thought I would get a free replacement but it turns out that I was over the warranty period by about a...