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    I can't shut the heated seat off on my 2005 Eddie Bauer! It's summer!!!

    I've had that problem before , I just pulled the cap off and sprayed the inside of the switch with wd-40 and it worked for about a year or so.
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    How to make your Ford Explorer steering column telescope PICS

    I still move mine every now and then, still feels like a factory job, the only other car I owned that had a telescopic wheel was my Cadillac (and loved it ).
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    2003 explorer xlt tailgate hinge

    Glass hatch Believe me you would be better off getting them new.
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    Passenger Seat Recline Lever Their you go.
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    Am I the only one who's windows freeze shut?

    Ok I would not want to roll my windows down when its that cold, getting into a cold vehicle is bad enough, once it warms up inside they should roll down just fine if you want some cool air to blow in. My concern would be on the door jams freezing up and not being able to open door to get in...
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    3rd Gen Air Box Mod

    Your exhaust sound will over power any intake sound, it will just run better.
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    3rd Gen Air Box Mod

    What I did was start out with removing the silencer tube and drilling the added holes and then moved on to the K&N when I had the extra cash off ebay. I would say skip the first part. Enjoy the savings and the pleasures of the K&N.
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    3rd Gen Air Box Mod

    There is a whole thread on this. How long is your money (start here)
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    Seat heater

    I had the same problem with mine, I found a thread on here that had a simple fix that worked for me every since, hope this works for you ... pop the cap off very easily(plastic) then take a small rag and place under opening to catch the run off, take a can of wd-40 or penetrating oil and spray...
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    F 150 Tow Hooks

    Yep ... they are still on the market
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    2003 Eddie Bauer Explorer Wont start! battery is fine!

    Make sure the key you are using is the one with the chip in it and that it is programed and you're not using the spare that was made in case you locked the original inside.
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    3rd Gen Tail lights

    Bump ... price reduction $50 plus shipping
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    F 150 Tow Hooks

    Bump ... price reduction $30 plus shipping or local pick up welcome
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    2011 KC Explorer meet

    Hey where is everybody ???? it is a beautiful day --- warm --- sunny --- not windy --- no rain --- no snow --- not cold --- no traffic --- no EXPLORERS BUT ONE BLACK 2000 EB and mine of course. We had a contest for the best looking Explorer and I won !!!!
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    F 150 Tow Hooks

    2003 F 150 Tow Hooks (clean) - $40 plus shipping ? kinda heavy Check out picture on craigslist
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    3rd Gen Tail lights

    I added another picture of the leds at night
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    bull bar

    This is what I choose.
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    Homelink,the way Ford should have done it.

    I thought the homelink was just for your door openers and the on-star was a cell phone system .... am i wrong ?
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    Glove box light mount and Center console latch

    I can see by your picture that the clips that hold the light in place are broken off, I tried to fasten it back several ways with no luck, so I just bought a new one ($45 + shipping) you may find one in a yard but chances are it will be broke also ( they break easy ). good luck.
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    Seat Heater Switch (wanted )

    Does anyone have the seat heater switch ( D3LOA ) for sale ?? Let me know and maybe the mirror cover for the lighted vanity sunvisor ( Tan, passenger).
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    2004 Ford Explorer

    Remember it has a chip in the key, PATS system. I forgot once. :(
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    Thin cracks in sidewalls.....?

    Try taking them to shop that sells them and try to get them to replace them under warrenty, or replacement because of the dry rot , What could it hurt. I did mine and they replaced all 4 of mine for less than $200, also did a set of Goodyears the same way.
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    Oil change warning??

    I just clicked it and its fine.
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    opinion for grill?

    A better view ( mine was the stock EB plastic grill ) just sanded and painted