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    Need Transmission Help PLEASE !!

    Thanks for the reply Hello, all forward gears work just fine. Drove it several miles to the garage where I removed the pan. I did not check for codes as I don't have a tool to do it. Reverse band would be great as that would be fixed with a rebuild. Thanks for your input and I hope you are...
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    Need Transmission Help PLEASE !!

    Pieces from tranny Here is a shot of the two pieces that I took out of the pan. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Need Transmission Help PLEASE !!

    Hello, my wife went to use our 2005 Ford Explorer this morning. When she put it in Reverse she said she heard a weird noise and it wouldn't move. I went out and sure enough it was broke LOL. The weird thing is when you put it into reverse, if you didn't touch the gas it would actually start to...